Kasten, Inc.

Kasten is an independent Kubernetes Business Unit within Veeam, and the award-winning leader in Kubernetes Backup and Disaster Recovery. Kasten helps enterprises overcome Day 2 data management challenges to confidently run applications on Kubernetes. Kasten K10, a data management platform purpose-built for Kubernetes, provides enterprise operations teams an easy-to-use, scalable, and secure system for backup/restore, disaster recovery, and application mobility with unparalleled operational simplicity.

Industry Recognition


We bring together experts from leading companies in the industry, with deep technical expertise in the areas of containers, Kubernetes, storage, and distributed systems.

Andy Langsam

SVP Kasten / Public Cloud
Veeam Software

Niraj Tolia

SVP of Strategy

Vaibhav Kamra

Chief Technology Officer


Gaurav Rishi

VP, Product


Trevor Seim

Head of Sales


Tom Leyden

VP, Marketing


Tom Manville

Director, Engineering


Travis Jeppson

Engineering Site Lead

Customers and Analysts

Leading Financial Services Provider uses Kasten K10 for backup and disaster recovery delivering the following results:

› Shorter time to production

› Future-proofed data protection architecture easily able to handle new workloads

“We needed a modern backup solution to ensure smooth operations for Kubernetes-native applications while giving our customers the choice of deployment, either on-prem on a private or public cloud. Deploying the Kasten K10 data management platform has provided us with an easy to use interface with substantial flexibility and scalability that ensures our Kubernetes applications are consistently backed up in a secure and compliant, policy-driven manner.”

-- Ingvar Zhmakin, Solution Architect, Visma

“K10’s simplicity allowed our existing VM administrators to quickly take over Kubernetes backup and DR while still allowing us to implement more complex workflows whenever needed. K10’s deep Kubernetes integration and application-centric approach enabled reliable backup and DR, small RTOs, and cross- infrastructure migration without sacrificing security.”

-- Jonathan Simon, CEO and Co-Founder, OnyxCorp

“We selected Kasten K10 for its easy to use backups, simple UI interface, and cross-platform support for multiple clouds that could handle any type of workload. With our portfolio of global customers, having separate backups ensures that in case of disaster recovery each client has their own isolated environment, and K10 makes that possible with its very simple setup.  It’s also useful for our developers to set up their own environments or have a ready to go production setup, which helps greatly to speed up the development cycle.” 

-- Moritz Kneilmann, Director Cloud Solutions, Demodern

"As soon we started to deploy production workloads on Kubernetes, providing backup and recovery for our cloud-native applications and data in a Kubernetes-native way was among the top requirements for our users. This is not something that we had expected."

-- Michael Courcy, DevOps Architect, Sopra Steria

Software Firm Uses Kasten K10 for Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery in a hybrid cloud environment, delivering the following results:

› Seamless recovery for the entire application in both public and private clouds

› 70% operator time savings from automation

“By partnering together, Veeam and Kasten seek to offer customers a simple, complete solution for protecting and managing data across cloud, physical, virtual and now Kubernetes-based workloads, addressing a growing need for enterprises.”

-- Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC

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For information about Kasten or Kasten K10, please send us a message using the form on this page, or email us at info@kasten.io
For product support, please email support@kasten.io
Kasten by Veeam address:

8800 Lyra Drive, Suite 450
Columbus, Ohio 43240