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Branding Guide

Kasten Logo

The Kasten by Veeam logo consists of white type within the Electric Azure blue rectangular badge. The Kasten by Veeam type must never be used without the rectangular badge. Other logo variations such as: black or gray badge with white text, reverse logo with white badge and Electric Azure text, and white badge with knockout text are for use only in special circumstances.

Product Logo

Kasten K10 product logo can be used in Kasten Electric Blue, Black or White. When using the white K10 logo with the open clear type, please use it over a solid or smooth gradient. Never use it over a busy background.

Social Icon

The Kasten social icon is the Kasten K enclosed in a rounded corner square in the Kasten Electric Azure blue. Occasinally if needed, it can be in black or white with knockout text. Never use it over a busy background.

Logo Spacing

The white space around the logo equals at least the height of the logotype (=x). It is essential that you always observe the white space or expand it, if the layout margin demands it. The logo can be positioned in all four corners of the margin.



The Kasten logo should never be used in any other colors than the approved branding colors. Do not use the logo in any way that reduces its integrity, such as modifying any aspect of the logo, not using enough contrast or placing it on a distracting background. The Kasten by Veeam type should never be used by itself without the rectangular badge. These incorrect useages also apply to the Kasten K10 product logo and the Favicon.


Colors and Fonts

Color Palette

The primary Kasten colors are the Kasten Electric Blue, Diamond White, Han Purple and Kasten Rose. The blues and purples are the key primary colors used in print and web. The Kasten Rose, is primarily for emphasis, such as highlighting buttons on the website or certain highlighted text. The use of Kasten Rose should be minimal. The color palette includes Secondary and Tertiary colors and Neutral Backgrounds. Gradients are use primarily for social banners and for occasional background colors, such as a sidebar of info in print and certain sections on the website and Powerpoint decks. Veeam green colors and green gradient should only be used in conjunction with Veeam projects.


Guardian Sans is our primary typeface for headline and display use. It is to be used across all of our print and digital
communication materials, from sales collateral and publications to our web site and other multimedia applications.
The various weights of Guardian Sans, shown below, can also be used for headlines as well as highlighting and emphasis,
subject to approval by our communications department.