Protect, copy, and migrate your stateful Kubernetes application regardless of the underlying infrastructure on which they reside. Use K10 to confidently and efficiently manage applications that store data on public cloud storage, on-prem storage providers, or software-defined storage platforms.

Cloud Provider Deployments

K10 supports data management for Kubernetes applications running on all major cloud providers. K10 integrates with the underlying cloud provider storage to optimize all management operations at scale through a single management pane.
Efficient full and incremental backups for applications using EBS volumes
Backup and migration artifacts stored on AWS S3
Supported on Kubernetes installed directly on EC2 or Amazon EKS
Advanced application migration across availability regions and accounts
Backup and migration of Google Persistent Disk backed applications
Backup and migration artifacts stored on Google Cloud Storage
Fully supported on Google Kubernetes Engine
Optimized snapshots, cross-region recovery, and encryption
Data management for applications using Azure Persistent Disk volumes
Backup and migration artifacts stored on scalable Azure Blob Storage
Supported on Kubernetes installed directly on Azure VMs or Azure AKS
Simplified management of storage account, snapshots, multi-region availability
Data protection and migration for applications using IBM Cloud Block storage
Backup and migration artifacts stored on S3 Compatible IBM Cloud Storage
Supported on IBM Kubernetes Service (IKS)
Seamless management of snapshot replication for disaster recovery

On-Premises Deployments

K10 also supports application data management on any certified Kubernetes distributions running on-premises. K10 integrates with common hardware and software-defined storage providers to simplify backup, recovery, and migrations of Kubernetes applications.

Supported Providers


Key Features

Provider setup and configuration
Optimized snapshot and volume management
Policy driven snapshot remote copies for disaster recovery
Generic backup support for non-supported providers