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Enterprise Kubernetes
Data Protection

Securing ​Enterprise Kubernetes​ with Kasten by Veeam

Key Enterprise Kubernetes Challenges

Legacy architectures lack  elasticity and do not employ modern, declarative approaches needed by container-based environments.
Operational Complexity:  Deployment of multiple tools and scripts results in a highly complex and difficult to maintain system.

Enterprise Data at Risk: Legacy tools do not automatically discover or securely protect Kubernetes application components, leaving data and compliance needs exposed.

Limited Kubernetes ecosystem. Companies that are slow to adopt emerging Kubernetes ecosystem support run the high risk of encumbering their production effort with high overhead

Key Challenges

  • Limited Kubernetes ecosystem. Companies that are slow to adopt emerging Kubernetes ecosystem support run the high risk of encumbering their production effort with high overhead.

Kasten by Veeam Enterprise Kubernetes Solutions


Exceptional Kubernetes knowledge
Kasten by Veeam deeply understands Kubernetes and the unique challenges in backup and restore, disaster recovery, and application mobility

Kubernetes native
Kasten K10 is constructed using Cloud Native architectural principles. It follows a desired state model, providing declarative control.
End-to-end security
Kasten K10 provides comprehensive security via enterprise-grade encryption, IAM, RBAC, OIDC, and more.
Ease of use
K10 is quick to deploy and easy to use via a state-of-the-art management interface or a Cloud Native API. It has the versatility to accommodate complex applications easily.
Rich ecosystem
With extensive support for ecosystem compoments
across the entire application stack, Kasten K10 provides user choice to pick the best tools or infrastructure for the job.

Kubernetes continues to be top of mind with enterprises

The abstraction of hardware from application services, and micro-services running securely within clusters provide vectors that enable any business to embrace the scalability and productivity of containerized software development. The data in these containerized applications must be protected.


Key Kasten K10 Enterprise Features

icon-free-kasten-k10Built for Kubernetes

  • Application centric
  • Supports polyglot data sources
  • Secures data via consistency designations

icon-free-kasten-k10End-to-End Security

  • Out of the box Kubernetes Authentication
  • Role Based Access Control
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC)​
  • Encryption of data, configs, artifacts and all in flight data

icon-free-kasten-k10Ease of Use​

  • Kubernetes application component automatic discovery
  • Policy driven enforcement for SLAs and compliance
  • Single pane of glass for visibility and Kubernetes backup management

icon-free-kasten-k10Rich Ecosystem

  • Latest data sources:
    MongoDB, Kafka​, etc.
  • All distributions:
    OpenShift, Rancher, etc.
  • Many cloud platforms:
    Google, Azure, IBM, etc.
  • Any cloud storage:
    AWS, Google Cloud​, etc.
  • Any on-prem platform:
    NetApp, etc.

Kasten K10 is trusted by leading enterprises:

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Kasten K10 Enterprise Trial

Try Kasten K10 free for 30 days at scale: install Kasten K10 on up to 50 nodes in any environment.

Kasten K10 Enterprise Trial

Backup & Restore Disaster Recovery Application Mobility

  • 50 nodes limit
  • 30 days
  • Fully functional
  • Your infrastructure
  • Best effort support


Software-defined, hardware agnostic, cloud ready



Fast, secure, scalable and future-proof for the enterprise



Granular recovery, analytics, scalable architecture



100% tested, portable data format, “it just works”

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