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Analyst Report

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Native Data Protection at Scale: Kasten K10 vs. Open-Source Alternatives

The dev-driven nature of Kubernetes has led to increased adoption of the “do it yourself” approach with open-source tools. But the industry as a whole is evolving and moving towards enterprise solutions to favor simplicity and efficiency. Regardless of the source of data protection tools, it’s crucial to be able to create and manage Kubernetes data protection at scale.

Which method is right for your organization when it comes to Kubernetes data protection at scale? Uncover the requirements of cloud native data protection, compare options and find out why DevOps teams are moving away from DIY in this report by The Futurum Group.

This report will teach you:

  • How to massively increase operational efficiency for your Kubernetes infrastructures
  • How to easily centralize multi-cluster management of Kubernetes clusters
  • Increase your ability to meet application availability SLAs, plus RPOs and RTOs

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