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After two years of virtual and remote sessions, it was time to get back out and in person to share with the CFD 13 delegates and the wider audience what Kasten by Veeam has been innovating on since our last session with the group.

CFD11-FG-heroKasten K10 by Veeam 2022 Update 

In this session, I took a look back since our last visit to CFD and some of the focus areas we covered, including Ransomware protection, disaster recovery and data services protection. We then looked at what came with the Kasten K10 4.5 release around Ecosystem integration, monitoring and observability, and a focus on edge Kubernetes clusters. 


There is a growing number of Kubernetes clusters in businesses that are adopting and moving to the next wave of infrastructure. This is based on our own customer base but also backed up by the CNCF survey, which states that over 50% of companies that have adopted Kubernetes are running stateful workloads. This session covered in detail how easy it is to deploy Kasten K10 to any Kubernetes cluster. I highlighted the ease of use when it comes to creating a multi-cluster dashboard and single interface to manage all clusters, with the ability to create global policy-based data management. During the session, we also examined Kasten K10’s data transformation and mobility features, which are enabled by the solution’s agnostic approach to cluster storage as well as the Kubernetes distribution itself. 

Observability & Ecosystem Integrations 

In this deep dive session Onkar Bhat, Engineering Manager at Kasten by Veeam, walked through some key areas of ecosystem integrations. He kicked things off with the ability to leverage HashiCorp Vault as the Key Management System protecting your backup system. In addition to HashiCorp Vault, Kasten K10 an integrate into Amazon Key Management Service. Onkar continued to discuss ecosystem integration including the ability to capture Prometheus metrics, as well as the ability of Kasten K10 version 4.5 to leverage Grafana to display and notify day policy management updates. 

Cloud Native, Native 

In his session Tom Manville, VP of Engineering at Kasten, provided a detailed overview of how Kasten K10 has been developed to give DevOps and Operations not only a solid, simple UI for day-to-day tasks, but the extensibility that comes from being part of the Kubernetes API. This means Kasten K10 is extensible when interacting and integrating across the Kubernetes ecosystem.  

It was such a pleasure to reconnect with the Cloud Field Day crew in person after such a long time. A wonderful forum to share the innovation that keeps Kasten K10 by Veeam the recognized #1 backup solution for Kubernetes. 


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