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Over the past few years, Kubernetes has continued to gain momentum as the gold standard for cloud native, containerized application development environments, and CNCF reports that there are roughly 7.1 million cloud native developers worldwide. But as demand for Kubernetes grows, developers increasingly struggle with backing up and protecting their cloud-native data and applications. 

Many developers assume that running replication data services across failure domains provides sufficient data protection – but just replication isn’t true data backup or storage. To be confident your Kubernetes data and applications can be properly restored in case of a failure, cloud native backup and disaster recovery capabilities are essential. 

That’s what Herotel – the largest fixed wireless internet service provider in South Africa and a major player in the local fiber industry – discovered when they decided to move to a cloud-based, containerized development environment in 2021, to keep pace with market demands.


For Herotel, Service Availability Is a Must

To compete effectively in the crowded ISP marketplace, Herotel is obligated to ensure uninterrupted, high-performing services to the 125,000 home and business users it serves in more than 400 towns and cities across South Africa. Any downtime would be costly and could damage the provider’s reputation, ultimately impacting their ability to attract and retain clients. 

Herotel’s managed IT services provider Cyberlogic, understood that Herotel’s new Kubernetes environment would require a cloud native backup and recovery solution. While Kubernetes provides tremendous flexibility and application reliability, the replication services inherent to the environment are not sufficient to protect against data loss or corruption. 

Cyberlogic’s goals were to ensure service availability for Herotel’s customers and meet recovery time objectives (RTOs) set by the client and ensure security and resiliency with a reliable backup and recovery solution for their new Kubernetes environment. “The backup and recovery solution needed to be application-aware and fully integrated into all of the containers,” said Mark Tew, CEO of Cyberlogic. 


Kasten K10 Delivers Flawless Protection

After evaluating the cloud provider’s built-in backup and recovery tool, they weren’t satisfied. “We decided to do a trial of Kasten K10 – and it worked flawlessly,” said Tew.

Kasten K10 protects Herotel’s Kubernetes environment by providing a comprehensive cloud native solution for backup and disaster recovery: 

  • Kasten K10 automatically captures and protects the entire application stack, including all the resource definitions, configurations and data.
  • Policy-based backup and monitoring enables backup management at scale and simplifies compliance.
  • A unified backup catalog automatically manages and maintains data protection artifacts and metadata.
  • Developers can extend the workflow with a Kanister blueprint for application-specific operations, when necessary.
  • Kasten K10 provides role-based actions and self-service capabilities to simplify operations.


By leveraging Kasten K10 as a managed service from Cyberlogic, Herotel can be confident that its data and applications are protected and available at all times. “Thanks to Kasten K10, Herotel now benefits from a highly available Kubernetes environment and the scalability of a cloud-agnostic solution,” said Tew.

Read the case study and press release to learn more about how Cyberlogic is helping Herotel ensure Kubernetes backup and recovery with Kasten K10. Or, see for yourself the powerful backup and recovery capabilities and features with a free trial

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