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When your organization is tasked with keeping cyberspace secure, you’d better have the right tools in place to make that happen. That’s what CyberPeace Institute discovered, as it built out its strategy to enhance the stability of cyberspace by decreasing the frequency, impact and scale of cyberattacks.

A global, non-profit organization and champion of cybersecurity for vulnerable populations, CyberPeace Institute was in need of a better solution for backing up Kubernetes applications. The goal was to protect against potential data loss or corruption, and enable application mobility across clouds within its hybrid cloud infrastructure. 

CyberPeace Institute performs extensive analysis, research and investigations of cyberattacks targeting vulnerable communities, and delivers that information to the public via threat analysis dashboard apps that are developed in a Kubernetes environment. 

The IT team’s existing solution -- an open-source backup tool -- was falling short of meeting the IT team’s requirements. According to CyberPeace Institute, even though the open-source solution was free, it was time-consuming to configure and required extensive expertise to use. This made it difficult for his lean staff to rapidly recover data and applications when necessary. 

Cloud-Native and Purpose-Built for Secure, One-Click Backup

Kasten K10 by Veeam turned out to be the perfect solution for backing up these apps securely, to protect and restore them quickly and reliably. 

“With Kasten K10, we are able to protect and restore applications without worrying about having databases running both inside and outside of Kubernetes,” CyberPeace Institute said. “The solution has also proved extremely useful when data is inadvertently deleted or accidentally lost. For example, when a database crashes, it’s extremely quick and easy to restore everything. And for migrating applications between clusters, it works perfectly every time.”

According to CyberPeace Institute, Kasten K10 was fast and easy to install, requiring no extensive training to get non-technical staff members up to speed. The simple and intuitive graphical user interface saves the team hours of manual work, enabling them to backup or recover data and applications with one click. Kasten K10 encrypts data, both at rest and in transit, helping CyberPeace Institute meet security requirements and comply with strict financial policies and regulations. 

Simple GUI and Continuous Operations Makes Backup a Breeze

CyberPeace Institute loves that Kasten K10 works continuously in the background, with little human intervention. Additionally, the solution’s mobility feature enables fast and seamless application mobility between clusters. “You don’t need to be a Kubernetes expert to use Kasten K10, and you don’t have to be certified or know every command line of the solution,” they said. “Using the intuitive GUI, anyone can restore or migrate an application easily and in minutes, without extensive training.”

In addition to eliminating the cost of training staff on a complex backup tool, Kasten K10’s streamlined workflow for backups and restores reduces operational overhead. Since the solution supports a wide variety of compute and storage infrastructure configurations, it fits seamlessly into CyberPeace Institute’s multi-cluster, multi-cloud environment without any modifications. 

A Perfect Solution for a Good Cause

With Kasten K10 in place, CyberPeace Institute’s IT team can soldier on with it’s important work of protecting vulnerable communities by rapidly and securely developing solutions that keep them informed and help them prepare for potential cyber threats. 

You can learn more about how CyberPeace Institute is benefitting from deploying Kasten K10 for cloud-native Kubernetes backup and recovery by downloading the case study. Are you ready to test drive Kasten K10?

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