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When you run IT for a high-end digital agency, your clients’ reputation and success is in your hands. Backup and disaster recovery are critical — but if you work in Kubernetes, there are challenges that can make that difficult. Unless, of course, you have a Kubernetes-native solution. That’s what Demodern found out when they implemented Kasten K10 data management platform purpose-built for Kubernetes. 

Demodern is a leading specialist in high-end digital production and user experience design for companies across industries. They deliver solutions for augmented and virtual reality applications, games, live and virtual events, and mobile apps for high-profile customers such as Nike, Royal Caribbean and Nestlé.

Demodern’s development team needed a backup solution for a Kubernetes environment that provided comprehensive and secure protection for the company’s cloud-native application stack. However, the team faced three major challenges:

  • They had a small operations team supporting many projects and developers across multiple clouds and accounts.
  • Fast-moving projects required rapid technology adoption, leaving little time for planning. As such, protection had to be baked into the infrastructure.
  • Existing backup solutions only protected database contents, not application components, and were not scalable. 

Kubernetes clusters were spread across multiple clouds, including AWS, Digital Ocean, and Azure; so multi-cloud support was essential.

Kasten Provides Automated Backup and Agility

In 2020, the Demodern Cloud Solutions team discovered Kasten K10, and was impressed with its streamlined interface and intuitive dashboard. It was the only cloud-native data management platform that could meet the developers’ needs for lights-out data protection and easy-to-extend policies, while also satisfying operational requirements for low operational overhead, compliance and cost monitoring, and developer agility.

Other K10 benefits they found:

  • Easy to deploy: K10 runs within an application’s Kubernetes cluster, enabling simplified deployment while preserving the security posture of Demodern’s customer cloud accounts. 
  • Agility: As part of a standard cluster setup, K10 protects all client applications, without additional setup or configuration. 
  • Multi-cloud and cross-cluster mobility: K10 enables applications to be developed and protected in one cloud, and deployed in another. It also supports migrating applications between clusters. 
  • Automated recovery: K10 provides completely automated backup and fast recovery, eliminating the need to manually restore applications from database-level backups.
  • Simplicity: K10’s easy-to-use dashboard requires no training for operators or developers. The solution simplifies complex workflows, ensuring policy compliance, while providing comprehensive documentation.
  • Improved visibility: K10’s dashboard displays all essential information to help operators monitor and adhere to SLAs across clusters and applications. 
  • Code-free backups: Developers can easily initiate backups without writing code or requiring operator support. 

The Clear Choice for Kubernetes-Native Backup

Kasten stood out from other solutions the Demodern Cloud Solutions team evaluated because of its easy backup process, simple UI and multi-cloud support. The ability to perform separate backups enables each client to maintain an isolated environment, ensuring effective disaster recovery without complex setup or confirmations. 

To learn more about how Kasten K10 is helping Demodern deliver on clients’ expectations and timelines with seamless and reliable Kubernetes-native backup, download the full case study. Try K10 out today. Give K10 with our Free Kubernetes Trial and let us know how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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