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Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) performed an in-depth Technical Review of Kasten K10, validating Kasten K10’s ability to provide comprehensive data and application backups and restores.

Kubernetes is now the de facto standard for deployment and orchestration of containerized applications. However, managing and protecting Kubernetes environments presents unique challenges. Specifically, Kubernetes applications don’t just store container configuration data – they store real-time business data on stateful components, as well. What’s more, within a Kubernetes cluster are multiple components – pods, nodes, the control plane and volumes – and all of them must be backed up and stored securely to prevent the risk of data loss or corruption.  

Traditional backup methods are insufficient, because they cannot capture the containerized application as a whole, complete with all stateful and stateless components. By taking an application-centric approach, cloud native solutions such as Kasten K10 by Veeam are essential for reliable backup and recovery of Kubernetes data and applications. 

With these considerations in mind, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) performed an in-depth Technical Review of Kasten K10, validating Kasten K10’s ability to provide comprehensive data and application backups and restores, and confirming that the solution can help organizations manage data and applications in Kubernetes environments at scale.  

Ease of Use, Distributed Cloud Support and Cyber-Resilient Data Protection Set Kasten K10 Apart 

Purpose-built for Kubernetes backup, disaster recovery and applications mobility, Kasten K10 provides a feature-rich, easy-to-use solution for DevOps teams. It enables teams to migrate applications, including all persistent data, between Kubernetes clusters, regardless of the underlying infrastructure.  

With Kasten K10, organizations can move applications between different public cloud vendor deployments as well as between private and public Kubernetes deployments, securely and efficiently. This is a critical differentiator – according to ESG’s report, 44% of organizations cite managing hybrid environments as their biggest challenge when it comes to backup and recovery of containerized applications, and 39% say managing backup and recovery of containerized applications across multiple public cloud services is a top challenge.  


ESG’s technical review confirmed that Kasten K10 provides full visibility of Kubernetes clusters, with fully automated discovery of all applications within it, so teams can create and apply backup policies to automate data management and protection workflows. The review also confirmed that Kasten K10 enables teams to recover applications to any recovery point – across clouds – with complete application consistency and data resiliency.  

Finally, ESG confirmed that Kasten K10 enables immutability, ensuring that a copy of Kubernetes data remains secure and recoverable at all times. According to ESG’s report:  

“Achieving application-consistent backups manually is nearly impossible, and organizations need automated solutions like Veeam’s Kasten K10 for Kubernetes. Advanced functions such as immutability, ransomware protection, multi-cloud backup, and recovery are all part of a complete data protection solution, which Kasten K10 delivers for Kubernetes.”

Read the full report here, and watch a webinar covering findings from the report. 

To learn more about Kasten K10, visit our product page or start a free trial today. 



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