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A few weeks ago, Kasten got the main stage at Cloud Field Day 11, an event that originates from Tech Field Day. Live-streamed to the community, Cloud Field Day focuses on “examining the new enterprise infrastructure stack, from the private, hybrid, and public cloud.” It’s also a perfect venue for interacting with community delegates during live sessions, as well as people from all over the world.

This wasn’t Kasten’s first appearance on stage in front of this community. We were introduced at Tech Field Day in late 2020 with a brief overview of the Kasten K10 platform — around the time we were acquired by Veeam. 

During our 2-hour session this year, we were able to showcase our platform and our latest innovations, and provide delegates with a preview of some of the capabilities we will be introducing in the not too distant future. Here’s a brief summary of what we covered:

  • Data Management in Kubernetes. I kicked off my “State of the State”  session with a focus on debunking the myths around the requirements and needs of data management in Kubernetes.  I explained to the crowd that Kasten K10 is purpose-built for Kubernetes and provides enterprise operations and easy-to-use, scalable and secure systems for backup, disaster recovery and mobility of Kubernetes applications. Then, I demonstrated Kasten K10 defeating ransomware using Amazon AWS S3 object storage. Watch the presentation on-demand
  • The Kasten philosophy. Tom Manville, Director of Engineering for Kasten, presented our philosophy and the technology behind Kasten’s cloud-native data protection for Kubernetes. Kasten K10 was designed to be simple, extensible and cloud-native, supporting modern DevOps teams with seamless application transformation and portability. Kasten K10 supports native Kubernetes operators such as Hashicorp Vault and provides cloud-native APIs to develop, test and deploy data management. Following his presentation, Tom demonstrated data protection using APIs as well as Kasten CSI and Kanister. Watch the recording.

  • Automated DR. Michael Courcy, Solutions Architect at Kasten, demonstrated how Kasten K10 automates disaster recovery (DR) for Kubernetes applications. In a Red Hat OpenShift container platform, Kasten K10 manages and protects data between multiple datacenters, increasing RTO, decreasing cost and improving automation. Michael demonstrated how easy it is to complete the complex task using our platform. To see it for yourself, watch Michael’s demo. You can also read more about automated DR in this blog post.CFD-11-watch-on-demand-MCorsey

  • Data Services in Kubernetes. Data services in Kubernetes aren't always about databases; there are many other data services available. These can be more complex, when it comes to recovery. For example, Kafka can help with some of the challenges of data management and technical debt in modern applications, but Kafka clusters can be difficult to manage and protect. Michael demonstrated how Kasten K10  is designed to integrate with cloud-native Kubernetes applications such as Kafka and create application-consistent backups and replication of data.  Watch Michael’s final session.

And That’s It — Until the Next Cloud Field Day

The event flew by. We covered as much as we could — but there’s so much more to talk about. I guess we’ll have to wait until a future Cloud Field Day to dive into more topics and demos of Kasten K10. Enjoy the on-demand recordings of our sessions, and feel free to reach out with questions or comments!

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