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It’s 2022, and Kasten by Veeam is on a roll. As the leader in Kubernetes backup, disaster recovery and mobility, we experienced tremendous growth in 2021, with a 900% year-over-year increase in bookings. To meet demand, we’re building up our team and strengthening our community efforts, and that’s why we’ve increased our staff by 4X and added a number of new partnerships to our growing partner ecosystem. As a result, we are entering 2022 stronger than ever.

Demand for our backup, recovery and mobility solution, Kasten K10, is skyrocketing for numerous reasons, including growing Kubernetes adoption among developers who are looking for simple and secure protection for their data and apps. 

Kubernetes is now the de facto standard for orchestrating containers in edge environments, which are used for popular applications such as video streaming and AI. In fact, in the last five years, use of Kubernetes in production has increased 300%. Companies in the banking and financial services industry, as well as those that focus on 5G and edge computing, are leading the charge and looking for cloud-native data management solutions for containerized environments, to safeguard mission-critical environments and apps.


Today, Kasten K10 protects millions of production containers. The solution can scale to support and protect extremely large-scale, enterprise deployments with multiple clusters and hundreds of nodes. For example CyberPeace Institute, an organization that investigates, analyzes and reports on cyberattacks that target vulnerable communities, replaced its existing open-source backup tool with Kasten K10, and found that our solution was quick and easy to install and required no extensive training to get its non-technical staff up to speed. The organization soon learned how easy it is to automate backups and restore data when it’s inadvertently deleted or a database crashes. They also use Kasten K10 to migrate applications between clusters, without a hitch.

Updates and More Updates

In 2021, we released two major commercial updates to Kasten K10 along with many developer requested capabilities and features. Key capabilities that included in V4.0 include:

  • Features that accommodate multi-tenant cloud environments
  • Automatic application migrations
  • Scalable backup, disaster recovery and mobility for applications
  • Kubernetes-native protection for ransomware attacks

In version 4.5, we improved the “out-of-the-box” experience, while expanding the platform’s edge capabilities. We also expanded our support for data services and partner technologies, to make it easier for developers to integrate Kasten K10 with their existing tech stack. Key partnerships we solidified over the past year include AWS, Red Hat, IBM Cloud and Azure. You can even download Kasten K10 on AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere, the Red Hat Marketplace and Arkade. Finally, we continued our open source contributions, including efforts made around application consistency with the Kanister project, including blueprints protecting data services within Kubernetes clusters as well as external sources, such as AWS RDS. Together with the new open source project Kubestr, these contributions are helping developers maximize their investments in Kubernetes.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed – not only by the Kubernetes community but analysts such as GigaOm. Kasten K10 was named a Leader and Outperformer in its recent Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection Report. This is the second time in a row GigaOm has recognized Kasten K10 for its flexibility, cloud-native data protection, secure and automated operations, and enterprise scale and capabilities.

In addition to all of this, we have increased our commitment in educating the Kubernetes community. Our Kubernetes Learning Series provides free instruction to help Kubernetes users of all levels improve their skill sets. The series includes hands-on labs and is used by more than 10,000 people – from newbies to developers to administrators. Anyone can leverage the training to up-level their Kubernetes know-how and be more proficient in their work. It’s no wonder developers love Kasten K10 and continue to find new ways of using it to make their work – and life – easier. Learning.kasten.io_Announcement-sm-NL

Whatever 2022 Brings, We’re Ready 

At Kasten, we’ve made the right investments in our people, our technology and our community over the past year to continue to expand the capabilities of Kasten K10 and meet the needs of cloud-native developers now and for years to come. You can learn more about Kasten K10 and why cloud-native backup and recovery is the best way to protect your Kubernetes data and apps by reading our white paper “5 Kubernetes Backup Best Practices.” Or,  try Kasten K10 for free and see for yourself why Kuberenetes users of all levels continue to choose our solution to protect their Kubernetes applications.

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