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GigaOm’s recent Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection Report makes the process of choosing a Kubernetes backup and recovery solution easier, by outlining key considerations and comparing available solutions – one of which, of course, is Kasten K10 by Veeam.

Kubernetes is the de facto platform for orchestrating containers today, with over half of organizations using it. And with so many applications and data on the line, it’s no wonder the quest for a scalable and efficient backup and recovery solution has become a critical endeavor for many organizations. 

I am immensely proud of the amazing Kasten by Veeam team and effort that resulted in Kasten K10 as the Leader and Outperformer for the second time in a row!  Why was Kasten K10 chosen when compared with other vendors? Here are four key reasons:

  1. Deployment and Consumption Flexibility: The first way GigaOm evaluated available backup and recovery solutions was based on what markets they serve – SMB, large enterprises and edge deployments – and how the solution is deployed – SaaS or self-hosted. Kasten rated “Exceptional,” indicating “Outstanding Execution and Focus” for all market segments, as well as for self-hosted deployments. Whether an organization is a small startup with a limited number of Kubernetes projects, or a Fortune 100 enterprise running hundreds, Kasten K10 provides exceptional backup and recovery via self-hosted on-premises or cloud deployments.

  2. Cloud-Native Data Protection: Cloud-native data protection is essential when working in Kubernetes for numerous reasons. For starters, it accommodates Kubernetes deployment patterns and shift-left development environments while closing protection gaps and improving security. It also simplifies operations and supports multi-cluster scalability. Unlike many vendors who have attempted to adapt existing data protection solutions to fit the container paradigm, Kasten K10 is purpose-built from the ground up for Kubernetes. GigaOm rated Kasten K10 as “Exceptional” for cloud-native data protection.

  3. Secure and Automated Operations: Across all seven of GigaOm’s key comparison criteria, Kasten K10 rated “Exceptional” or “Capable.” The solution made top marks for Multi-cloud and Multi-distribution, Environmental Awareness, Apps and Data Migration, Ransomware, and Protection and Analytics. It was one of only three solutions that rated “Exceptional” in five or more categories. With these rich capabilities, Kasten K10 provides secure operations that ensures the growing number of an enterprise’s Kuberenetes applications have policy-based automation for uninterrupted backup, disaster recovery across clusters.

  4. Enterprise Scale and Capabilities: GigaOm’s report evaluated solutions based on five key metrics: Flexibility, Scalability, Performance, Ease of Use and TCO/ROI. Kasten K10 was one of only three solutions that received an “Exceptional” rating in four of the five categories. This results in Kasten K10 providing enterprises the ability to move an application across namespaces, clusters, accounts, regions and clouds in addition to backup and DR.

According to Enrico Signoretti, Senior Data Storage Analyst, GigaOm, “Kasten is a Kubernetes-native, mature solution that’s very suitable for self-hosted, self-managed use cases. Its architecture scales well and is especially well-suited for edge deployments. Its RBAC features and centrally managed policy model are well aligned with large enterprise and self-service requirements. Its application-aware data management framework, Kanister, is promising and quickly maturing. It has good support for on-premises repositories.”

Simplify Day 2 Ops with Kasten K10

As enterprises around the globe continue to adopt Kubernetes and build cloud-native applications, Day 2 services such as backup, disaster recovery and application mobility will continue to be a focal point for innovation. With our cloud-native approach, ease of use, scalability and flexibility, Kasten K10 is a smart choice, enabling developers to keep Kubernetes applications as a unit of atomicity while simplifying data management as they continue to adopt a container-based approach to application development.

Read GigaOm’s full report, and try Kasten K10 today, for free.

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