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Analyzing business processes is by nature a data-intensive endeavor, and for cloud based business process analysis (BPA) software such as ARIS® by Software AG, downtime can be disastrous. Reliable backup and recovery are essential for speeding recovery time in case of an outage and for protecting customer data.

Software AG was in search of a robust and scalable Kubernetes backup and recovery solution for its large Kubernetes installation used for its cloud offering of ARIS, a leading BPA and management software platform. The backup and recovery solution had to be able to handle vast amounts of data and minimize recovery time in case of an outage. Purpose-built for Kubernetes, Kasten K10 was the ideal solution, fitting seamlessly with the existing infrastructure and providing reliable and rapid backup and recovery across hundreds of clusters.

As the second largest software vendor in Germany with more than 10,000 enterprise customers, Software AG offers six editions of its market-leading BPA solution, which is built upon hundreds of Kubernetes clusters. According to Marc Lehmann, Director ARIS Governance & Cloud, Software AG, their in-house backup solution would be insufficient to handle the demands of their customers over the long term.

“We needed a backup and recovery solution that would be able to handle backing up larger volumes of data and applications quickly, in order to continue to meet our SLAs,” Lehmann said. “We chose Kasten K10 for our Kubernetes backup and recovery solution because of its extensibility, cloud native architecture, and because it’s purpose-built for Kubernetes.”

Kasten K10 gives Software AG peace of mind with the ability to:

  • Automatically discover all application components in a cluster for end-to-end protection of stateful and stateless applications.
  • Perform one-click backups, eliminating the need for custom scripts or extensive training.
  • Simplify backup management through automation and dynamic policies, and intuitive multi-cluster dashboards.
  • Mitigate risk by restoring applications to a known good state in case of a breach or outage.
  • Move applications between clusters, quickly and automatically.
  • Support multilayer data capture to meet compliance and restore testing requirements.

With Kasten K10, Software AG can accommodate more data volume and continue to meet SLAs for service availability and uptime. And should an outage occur, all is not lost. “With Kasten K10 in place, we can recover everything in hours instead of days,” Lehmann said.

Software AG is one of many customers benefiting from Kasten K10’s advanced Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Read the full case study here, and visit the Resources section on our website to learn how other organizations such as CyberPeace, Demodern and Leidos are using Kasten K10. You can also try Kasten K10 for yourself, for free!



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