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In November this year, cloud native developers from across the country will convene in one of the most intriguing and vibrant cities in the U.S. – Chicago! Aside from the iconic Art Institute of Chicago, where you can see Grant Wood's "American Gothic" in person, you can check out Millennium Park and its famous "Cloud Gate" sculpture, marvel at the city's skyline and visit landmarks like Wrigley Field or Navy Pier.

Maybe stop into restaurant for some deep dish pizza, before you head off to McCormick Place West, to meet up with adopters and technologists at the forefront of the open source and cloud native communities for some enlightening knowledge-sharing and networking at the CNCF’s flagship conference, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon!

Kasten by Veeam is thrilled to be a platinum sponsor of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA – and it starts on November 6. Historically, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon draws huge crowds across the Americas and Europe, and this year is no exception. With a jam-packed agenda featuring sessions and keynotes from Amazon, Microsoft, DataDog, Red Hat and more, the gathering in Chicago is sure to break records – we expect upwards of 8,000 in-person attendees!

Let’s take a look at the amazing content you’ll experience at the conference this year.

Sessions, Keynotes, Lightning Talks & Breakouts

At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA, you’ll have the flexibility to choose from over 300 sessions, keynotes, lightning talks, and breakout sessions – both in-person and virtual – including 15 sessions hosted by CNCF project maintainers. Content will range from intros and open source culture, to deep-dive technical sessions and demos.

Attendees will have ample opportunities to explore key topics such as security, CI/CD, observability and stateful vs. stateless apps observability – as there will be multiple sessions on each of these topics:

  • Security is a major concern in not just cloud native environments but in IT and beyond. Among 25 sessions on this thread, attendees can expect to take away tips and tricks to defeat ransomware, enforce RBAC, strategies for playing defense, and more!
  • In 25 sessions on Operations and Performance, attendees will learn about practices to increase operations efficiencies.
  • Observability and monitoring for Kubernetes clusters isn’t simple. Attendees will have 17 opportunities to explore how you can leverage observability to understand what’s happening in a cluster and answer important questions about your Kubernetes resources and operations.
  • While Kubernetes has proven to be the perfect platform for deploying stateless applications, running stateful applications on this platform in a highly available and scalable manner can be complicated. Critical enterprise applications are often stateful, require persistent storage and disaster recovery orchestration. Several sessions will cover best practices for automated, elastic data protection and DR in Kubernetes.

Check out these informative presentations with team Kasten

Revolutionizing Data Backup in Kubernetes: Unlocking the Power of Change Block Tracking With CSI

Before we even get started, we'll be at Cloud Native Rejekts on Sunday, Mon Nov 5 with Carl Braganza and Pavan Navarathna to share how Change Block Training (CBT) can enable efficient and reliable differential backups of CSI block volumes and explore reasons why this is benefits stateful applications. 

Cloud Native Data on K8s: The Good, Bad, and the Unknown

Co-located on Monday November 6 at DBaaS DevDay, Michael Cade, a UK-based Global Field CTO for Veeam, will take attendees back in time to understand how Kubernetes emerged as a necessity, rather than a preference, then dive into a hands-on workshop to deploy data to a Kubernetes cluster. Understand the evolution of Kubernetes and learn about concepts such as statefulsets, operators and data services.

Lightning Talk: Harnessing Generative AI Without Making a Faux Pas
ChatGPT has raised burning questions about how to set guardrails for using AI without doing harm. But even as the legalities are determined, companies should be able to harness the power of Generative AI to enhance their product offerings and gain competitive advantage. In this talk, also on colocated on monday, Shwetha Subramanian, a student at Columbia University, will present a demo of an application that builds upon an open source, locally-hosted alternative to GitHub Copilot called FauxPilot, to generate complex custom YAML configurations (aka Blueprints) by description, which can be used to define workflows for backup, restore and delete operations on Kubernetes clusters.

From Non-Tech to CNCF Ambassador: You Can Do It Too! - Julia Furst, Veeam

The Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ecosystem has rapidly transformed the technology landscape, empowering organizations to adopt scalable and resilient cloud-native architectures. However, entering this thriving community may seem daunting, particularly for those without a technical background. In this session on Day 1, Tuesday November 7, Julia Furst Morgado, a Global Technologist at Veeam, will explore her journey on the path to becoming a CNCF Ambassador in the absence of extensive technical expertise.

See what's new with Kasten in our Booth M3

Within the Kasten booth itself which you will find in the sponsor expo hall, Kasten will have a small theatre in our booth with Lightning Talks running consistently. Over the 3 days, Tuesday - Thursday, we will have 23 sessions featuring our partners, customers, and our team who will dive into topics like our upcoming Kasten K10 V6.5 launch, cloud native application mobility, Kubernetes cyber resiliency and open source projects like Kanister application consistent backup orchestration! Attendees can walk away with a coveted octopus plushie, a book by Kelsey hightower and the latest/greatest industry knowledge. Learn more here.  

Get Kubernetes Up and Running

We’re also excited to be hosting a meet and greet with Kelsey Hightower, who will be available to sign his O’Reilly book, “Kubernetes up and Running” on Nov 7, from from 1:30 - 2:30 pm, then again on November 8 following his Dataside chat which begins at 12:30 pm at the Kasten booth.

This book is a practical guide that shows how Kubernetes and container technology can help you achieve new levels of velocity, agility, reliability and efficiency. Book a demo with us or attend a booth session to get Kelsey’s book, then come by booth M3 on Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 1:30 or Wednesday Nov. 8 at 12:30 to get his autograph! 

SM_DEMO_KelseyHightower Book Signing 4

Don’t Miss Learning Day

In addition to the main event, the CNCF and other organizations such as Kasten will be hosting a number of co-located events as part of the larger KubeCon + CloudNativeCon experience – for example, Kubernetes Learning Day by KubeCampus! This Kasten-hosted live event will help you take your Kubernetes knowledge to the next level.

Kubernetes Learning Day will take place on November 6, from 10:00 am - 4:00 PM PT at Microsoft Midwest District, AON Center Building, 200 E. Randolph St., Chicago. The event will feature two labs: Defeat Kubernetes Ransomware and a Coding Challenge Lab.

Be sure to register so you can network with Kubernetes thought leaders, complete hands-on labs and learn real-world cloud native skills! Plus you’ll earn an official lab pin for completing a track.

SM 2023 - Kubernertes Learning Day-Code Challenge 1

Don’t Forget the Swag!

Be sure to stop by to visit with Kasten Booth #M3 to meet our experts and get a demo of key features of our #1 Kubernetes Backup solution, including:

  • Resilient and immutable backups
  • A powerful and Kubernetes-native Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system
  • Customizable backup policies that enable automation of data management workflows
  • Intelligent policies for defining backup windows and automating the sequencing of underlying backup jobs
  • An application-specific approach that supports the backup and recovery of logical data services using extensible Kanister blueprints
  • Moving an application runtime, configuration and data across namespaces, clusters, accounts, regions and clouds for easy app mobility and freedom of choice

And now…

  • Cloud Native Security and enterprise scale innovations

Register for KubeCon + CloudNative and reserve your demo time spot here. And don’t forget the swag, which this year, is extra swaggy. See you there!

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