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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, a premier event for Kubernetes users, is just around the corner, and the folks at Kasten are gearing up, preparing content and keynotes that build upon the momentum of the past six years. KubeCon is a great way to learn what the Kubernetes and cloud native community is doing, share experiences, and connect with people who are on the same journey.


In my upcoming keynote Thursday, May 6 (10:15-10:20 CEST), I’ll share experiences and observations from working with Kasten K10 customers as they’ve scaled out users, clusters, and applications while working in the Kubernetes environment.


Kubernetes is Mainstream

The most recent CNCF survey reports that 80% of developers indicated that they’re running Kubernetes in production. The customer journey from pilot to production is faster than ever before. This is due to the maturity of the tooling and shared learnings available in the community. Now, the focus must shift to the key challenges of security and business continuity. Those challenges include how to ensure applications are secure from both internal and external threats such as a data breach, and how to address vulnerabilities rapidly.

A lot of issues we observe come down to misconfigured access and privilege escalation. This stems from a desire to enable self-service capabilities and allow users to do what they need to, without help from operations or the need to file a ticket. The ability to react to vulnerabilities such as zero-day exploits rapidly with minimum business impact will be an essential ability to ensure security moving forward.

Held for Ransom

Another hot topic that we will be addressing at KubeCon is ransomware. Ransomware is a big topic right now, and it has significant financial and business impacts. We must have processes in place to not only detect ransomware, but recover from it. Industry research assesses that ransom payment amounts continue to climb, reaching an average of $233,817 as of late last year according to one analysis. But the cumulative costs of damage resulting from ransomware attacks are far worse, almost doubling last year from an estimated $11.5 billion in 2019 to $20 billion in 2020.

Last but definitely not least is business continuity; having a plan in place to accommodate for user error, disaster or ransomware attacks will be critical. Having immutable, encrypted backups available for your Kubernetes applications will help to reduce risk and ensure business continuity. Kasten K10 v4.0 is the industry’s first Kubernetes native solution with ransomware protection.


Technical Demos and More

In addition to my keynote, please visit the Sponsor Theater and check out more great content from Kasten:

We hope you’ll join the Kasten team at KubeCon to learn everything about Kubernetes and cloud native data management. Be sure to visit the Kasten booth and attend one of our live sessions to learn more about our award-winning solution for Kubernetes native backup, migration, disaster recovery, and application mobility.

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