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We've created an open community forum where we can discuss all things Kubernetes, Data Management, Kasten K10 by Veeam, and all DevOps topics in one place where anyone can contribute, learn, or share. You will see why we decided on this route vs the what seems to be the defacto now to create a discord or slack channel at the end of the post.

Kubernetes Korner

Everyone Welcome!

I wanted to start by welcoming everyone to our new Kubernetes Korner where we can discuss all things cloud native, Kubernetes, and DevOps. More importantly, it's where we can come to share our experiences in learning this still relatively new world and ask questions of our fellow community members.

We are also hoping to gather feedback around the Kasten K10 platform and open source projects so that we can better understand the product strategy and feedback on where to go next and how to improve the overall experience. We also want this to be a community space to ask your Kasten questions. I will be active in here as well as some of the Kasten product managers, and then I expect we have a few community members that are also hands on with Kasten K10 daily that can offer their advice and solutions.

My Ask

I also wanted to kick off the Korner with a question to you all, as each and every one of us will have a different background and learning journey when it comes to Kubernetes and DevOps. I want to know what your biggest challenge has been so far, what has been that one thing you have felt you really struggled with and how did you overcome this? Or maybe it was that you thought a topic was going to be daunting but when you got into it, it wasn’t, and you were able to sail through and get a better foundational knowledge of the topic? Or did you have the skill already and just reinforced the learning that you already had.

Mine was Linux, everything Kubernetes and pretty much DevOps is Linux orientated. I was under the impression you needed years of experience and a massive amount of time behind a Linux OS. Now, I am no Linux expert by any stretch but the years of messing around, deploying apps, making things happen has massively helped when it comes to getting around. My biggest advice to anyone that maybe thinks they are in the same boat as I then get hands on, convert a laptop to Ubuntu or one of the overwhelming Linux distributions out there and get hands on every day.

I am going to be suggesting this a lot over the next plan of content I have, get hands on! I started with an introduction to DevOps covering in brief 12 steps to get into and understand more about DevOps. You can find that article here – and over the next few weeks and months I plan to get into each of these topics a little deeper and share that as I did with my Kubernetes learning journey a few months back.

Community First

Feel free to ask your questions, share your experiences and as you can see any mention to boats, the sea or anything nautical is very much welcome.

Another big part of creating this community forum is that I feel like a lot of the community has gone behind closed doors in hidden slack and discord channels and what was once a super useful searchable open community is now very much locked away unless you join the thousands of channels and platforms. We wanted something open and for everyone to discuss and share experiences.

Basically, my ask is to see you all in there, sharing your experiences and asking your questions.

Join me!

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