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We are proud to share that Kasten by Veeam was recognized yet again as both a Leader and Outperformer in the latest edition of GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection report, for the third time in a row. That makes Kasten by Veeam the only vendor achieving such a distinction, essentially throughout the whole history of this research, across all its editions to date! This is a powerful testimony to and validation of our continued leadership in this market, fueled by unmatched vision and innovation, coupled with steadfast execution.

Not only has Kasten by Veeam remained in the top Innovation/Platform Play quadrant, but Kasten K10 cloud native data management platform clearly leads the field as the only solution enjoying “Exceptional” ratings across all five evaluation metrics: flexibility, scalability, performance, usability, and security:

The growing momentum toward cloud native model and the emergence of Kubernetes as the infrastructure standard of choice brings about Day 2 data protection challenges that Kasten K10 is designed to address to ensure resiliency and mobility of containerized workloads. This is centered primarily in the enterprise space, where the history, complexity and diversity of infrastructure choices made along the way compound the need for a powerful yet simple solution. Kasten K10 hits both marks according to GigaOm’s Joep Piscaer, author of the report, by being:

well suited to protect complex applications spanning container, cloud-native, and
VM-based deployments at large enterprise deployments

extremely easy to use, with a high-quality GUI, consistent APIs, and a handy CLI

We certainly are honored by and grateful for such industry accolades, but they do reflect the considerable and accelerating traction Kasten by Veeam is getting out there in the marketplace. The inexorable drive for digital transformation is fueling the shift to cloud native model and given how critical data has become in the resulting data economy we now live in, the demand for data protection is surging as a mission-critical mandate for business continuity. It’s therefore no surprise that as the standing and acknowledged leader in this market, Kasten by Veeam’s growth is outpacing the field.

As stated in this report, some of the key criteria have been commoditized and become table stakes over time. But the major capabilities that have kept Kasten by Veeam in the lead and set Kasten K10 apart from the pack include:

  • Purpose-built and native implementation for Kubernetes
  • Application-centric approach for multi-layered consistency
  • Extensible transform engine for flexible recovery and portability
  • Policy-driven automation for enterprise-grade efficiency
  • Unparalleled ease of use for simplicity at scale
  • comprehensive security, including ransomware protection
  • Widespread availability across all major marketplaces
  • Broad ecosystem interoperability with an infrastructure-agnostic stance

Looking ahead, Kasten K10 is bound to extend its lead as an integral and fitting component of the just announced Veeam Data Platform. Kasten K10 delivers data and management path integrations with newly released Veeam Backup & Replication V12, featuring a new plug-in for centralized visibility and management of Kubernetes backups. It also leverages cutting-edge instant recovery capabilities pioneered by Veeam and its long-standing and well-established track record in data protection.

See for yourself how and why Kasten by Veeam is ahead of its competition by downloading your complimentary copy of the full GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection report available at:

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