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Leidos provides information technology, engineering and sciences solutions and services to organizations in the defense and healthcare industries. As such, their development environments must comply with extremely strict regulations and policies for protecting controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII). At the same time, it’s a priority to deliver innovative projects that are also cost effective with high feature velocity. 

To that end, Leidos has invested heavily in creating an automated and repeatable Infrastructure-as-Code approach to software development – what they call the “portable SecDevOps (pSDO).” This approach is used to rapidly execute and maintain highly flexible, dedicated single-tenant CI/CD deployments using containers in Kubernetes on the AWS GovCloud, and enable integrations with external partners while maintaining regulatory compliance.

An effective, data-agnostic approach to backup and recovery was essential to protect all data and applications in this environment. Instead of creating a tailored backup solution for each project – which would have been time-consuming and expensive – they turned to Kasten K10 by Veeam 

Repeatable security controls speed time to market 

Leveraging Kasten’s cloud native backup and recovery solution, Leidos can apply the appropriate backup and recovery policies to all micro services within its applications – automatically, which means a single engineer can launch a fully compliant new environment within a day. Secure development environments can be spun up or down in minutes, and Kasten K10 ensures any new applications introduced to the clusters within those environments will be protected. 

The combination of Kubernetes, Kasten K10 and AWS GovCloud enables accelerated development and deployment of innovative solutions, without compromising security: 

  • The Kubernetes environment on AWS GovCloud enables the team to manage costs and ensures the repeatable implementation of security controls. 
  • AWS GovCloud provides about 20% of the required controls, eliminating the need to re-implement them for every deployment, saving the team at Leidos time and money. 
  • Kasten K10 minimizes complexity by integrating with AWS APIs to work across all layers of the application stack and provide rich backup and data consistency. 
  • Kasten K10 seamlessly applies forward-looking policies to protect applications as they’re introduced to clusters. 

“Rather than spending one to two weeks per application just to come up with the Kubernetes backup solution for each app, K10 manages all the complexity and lets us concentrate on bringing solutions to our customers,” said Craig King, SecDevOps Engineer for Leidos. “By adopting Kasten K10 data management platform, the time required to apply data policies for application backup, restore, and disaster recovery went to zero.”  

Read the full case study here.

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