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As a container orchestration platform, Kubernetes automates the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. And while there are several other container orchestration platforms available to developers – namely Docker and Apache – Kubernetes is, well, different. How, you ask?

According to a new Forrester report titled, “Kubernetes: Your Innovation Platform,” there are three primary ways Kubernetes is different. Here is our summary of them:

  • Strong Momentum. Simply put, Kubernetes has a lot of users – over 5 million globally, to be exact – and there is power in numbers. Any enterprise standard needs widespread adoption to take hold, and Kubernetes adoption is increasing at a steady pace. All the major cloud vendors, including Google and Amazon, now offer Kubernetes services, and big-name enterprise organizations around the globe are using it, not only for small projects, but for business-critical applications and workloads.
  • Solid backing. Kubernetes is backed by the CNCF, which has become well-known for incubating and supporting innovative open source projects. Take for example, the Container Networking Interface (CNI), CoreDNS and Prometheus, among others. The success and widespread adoption of these projects bode well for Kubernetes, which is following in their footsteps. Plus, the metrics speak for themselves: Kubernetes utilization, contributions, release rates, revenue, community culture, and license standards are all doing well, with no sign of waning.
  • From the beginning, Kubernetes has featured an open, extensible design. While early adopters bore the responsibility of integrations and management issues, the payoff has been substantial. Kubernetes offers operators that can be leveraged across multiple use cases and industries, which will help the platform remain relevant and adaptable to new technologies as they emerge.

Kubernetes offers numerous benefits for developers. Access Forrester's Vision Report, courtesy of Veeam, to read real-world use cases and success stories.

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