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Kubernetes adoption has grown rapidly. Some industry reports note that 90% of organizations surveyed are using Kubernetes in some fashion. However, a lack of Kubernetes training  continues to be one of the major challenges to broad adoption. To meet the demand for effective training at all levels, Kasten is offering extensive training opportunities for the most in-demand Kubernetes skills, based on practical, real-world use cases and experience.

Kasten is thus pleased to announce the availability of the Kasten Kubernetes Learning Series -- a great way to learn about Kubernetes, whether you’re a rookie, a pro or anywhere in between. It’s targeted at a variety of user types, including novices, developers, operations professionals and Kubernetes administrators.

Self-paced, interactive and hands-on, the program offers expert instruction, resources and tools. Tapping into the vast expertise of industry leaders and Kasten by Veeam’s in-house team, users will have the opportunity to develop in-demand technical skills with coursework, training materials and badging programs spanning cloud-native fundamentals and open source technologies. Also included is application mobility, backup and disaster recovery in cloud-native environments. 

Initial training lab modules include:

  • Lab 1 - Creating your first Kubernetes cluster
  • Lab 2 - Installing and exploring an application
  • Lab 3 - Backing up an application

As users complete labs, they will be awarded badges and certificates to acknowledge their accomplishments. Links to community resources and upcoming events are also provided. For full details on the learning site

To register for the Kasten Kubernetes Learning Series, please visit

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