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Kasten And Tanzu

Cloud-native applications built on Kubernetes constructs are transforming all aspects of software development and operations. Enterprises across the world are actively working to not only build cloud-native applications but also roll out critical day 2 services such as data management that traditional solutions do not support. The benefits of these cloud-native constructs range from improving product development cycles, improved infrastructure utilization and higher operational efficiency on a massive scale. Kasten’s partnership with VMware enables enterprise IT and DevOps groups to immediately realize these benefits for data management functions such as backup/recovery, application mobility, and disaster recovery for vSphere customers looking for a Kubernetes based solution.

VMware PKS is one of the world’s most trusted container platforms that allow customers to deploy, run and manage Kubernetes for production with productivity and efficiency. K10, Kasten’s data management platform, is built natively for containers and enables enterprises to confidently run stateful applications on Kubernetes. Now you will have confidence in knowing that Kasten K10 is certified to run on VMware PKS and ready to run in your production environment so you can safeguard against any accidental or malicious data loss in addition to enabling data portability.

This partnership provides the best solution to seamlessly scale and operationalize your cloud-native applications on Kubernetes in a vSphere environment. Kasten’s application-centric approach delivers the simplicity and portability that IT and Operations teams need to operate cloud-native applications that, under the hood, use multiple data services and are deployed across multiple clusters, regions, or clouds.

Kasten K10 and PKS Architecture

Kasten K10 and PKS Architecture

Here are a few immediate benefits that this partnership brings:

Zero-touch Application Backup and Recovery: Kasten K10 with its unique application-aware approach dynamically maps data management policies to the current state of the application running on VMware PKS clusters. This can be accomplished without requiring any developer or CI/CD pipeline changes and K10 is pre-integrated with relational and NoSQL data services.

Seamless Operations and Portability: Kasten K10 enables Disaster Recovery workflows across VMware PKS including cross-region application migration. Managed public cloud Kubernetes clusters are also supported with seamless data conversion between infrastructure formats when needed.

Enterprise-grade Reliability and Ease of Use: Kasten K10 manages backups at scale through automation and a very easy to use graphical interface avoiding the need for custom scripting for data management and compliance. Must have authentication and authorization functions like RBAC are natively integrated into the solution along with extensible workflows.

Here are a few immediate steps you can take to get started:

As the announcements at the VMworld 2019 keynotes highlighted - Kubernetes and modern applications usage and related technology innovations are accelerating at an amazing pace. So stay tuned for more exciting updates as the teams work together and lead this transformation to cloud-native!

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