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Amsterdam is a cool spot for a developer conference. In addition to all the delicious Amsterdam beer, the plethora of coffee shops, and the healthy bike culture, the city is hoisted above water with 11 million wooden poles and you can travel 100 kilometers on its canals.

But on 18-21 April, the city won’t just be flooded with water; it will be overflowing with cloud native developers!

Kasten by Veeam is thrilled to be a platinum sponsor of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam – and it’s just around the corner. CNCF’s flagship conference provides a gathering place for adopters and technologists who are at the forefront of the open source and cloud native community. We’ll come together for four days of networking and knowledge sharing for the advancement of cloud native computing.

So, let’s take a look at what you can expect to see and do at this momentous event!

What to Expect

Historically, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon draws huge crowds across the Americas and Europe, and this year is no exception. With a jam-packed agenda featuring sessions and keynotes from Datadog, Apple, VMware and more, the gathering in Amsterdam is sure to break records – we expect upwards of 10,000  in-person attendees.!

This year, there are three ways to register and attend:

  • In-person all access registration (includes access to all CNCF-hosted co-located events on Tuesday, 18 April, AND KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe)
  • In-person KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe registration
  • Virtual registration (includes all KubeCon + CloudNativeCon keynote and breakout session access online)

But before you decide, let’s have a look at the amazing content.

Sessions, Keynotes, Lightning Talks & Breakouts

Can you imagine having the choice and flexibility of over 300 sessions, keynotes, lightning talks, and breakout sessions? That’s what the event will feature. Choose from in-person and virtual sessions, including 91 sessions hosted by CNCF project maintainers. Content will range from intros and open source culture, to deep dive technical sessions and demos.

A few of the top sessions include a talk from Datadog titled “Malicious Compliance: Reflections on Trusting Container Scanners''; “Going for Graduation: Crossing the Chasm” from Apple and Insovalent; and Practical Challenges with Pod Security Admission from, VMware’s Ellen Körbes.

Attendees will have ample opportunities to explore key topics such as security, CI/CD, observabilty and stateful vs. stateless apps observability – as there will be multiple sessions on each of these:

  1. Security is a major concern in not just cloud native environments but in IT and beyond. Among 28 sessions on this thread, attendees can expect to take away tips and tricks to enforce RBAC, strategies for playing defense, and more!
  2. In 12 sessions on CI/CD, attendees will embrace the agile DevOps methodology with continuous integration and continuous delivery practices to increase operations efficiencies.
  3. Observability and monitoring for Kubernetes clusters isn’t simple. Attendees will have 12 opportunities to explore how you can leverage observability to understand what’s happening in a cluster and answer important questions about your Kubernetes resources and operations.
  4. While Kubernetes has proven to be the perfect platform for deploying stateless applications, running stateful applications on this platform in a highly available and scalable manner can be complicated. Critical enterprise applications are often stateful, require persistent storage and disaster recovery orchestration. Several sessions will cover best practices for automated, elastic data protection and DR in Kubernetes.

See the full expert speaker lineup here.


Kasten Session: What Went Wrong with My Persistent Data?

Our own Michael Cade and Le Tran will host a technical tutorial, during which they’ll introduce fundamental concepts of Kubernetes storage and explore common pitfalls of setting up persistent data storage in K8s clusters. The session includes hands-on troubleshooting labs where attendees will be presented with some common errors and work to identify and resolve those issues. Learn more!


Don’t Miss Learning Day

In addition to the main event, the CNCF and other organizations such as Kasten will be hosting a number of co-located events as part of the larger KubeCon + CloudNativeCon experience. Our favorite? Kubernetes Learning Day, a Kasten hosted live event for taking your Kubernetes knowledge to the next level.

Happening on April 18 at the Hilton Amsterdam, Kubernetes Learning Day will feature two tracks: the Rookie Track at 12:00 CET and the Pro Track at 14:00 CET. Make sure to register so you can network with Kubernetes thought leaders, complete hands-on labs and learn real-world cloud native skills! Plus you’ll earn an official lab pin and certificate for completing a track. For more info, read the FAQ.


Visit Kasten (and Kelsey Hightower) at Booth P7 – and Don’t Forget the Swag!

Be sure to stop Kasten’s booth, P7, to meet our experts and get a demo of key features of our #1 Kubernetes Backup solution, including:

  • Resilient and immutable backups.
  • A powerful and Kubernetes-native Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system.
  • Customizable backup policies that enable automation of data management workflows.
  • Intelligent policies for defining backup windows and automating the sequencing of underlying backup jobs.
  • An application-specific approach that supports the backup and recovery of logical data services using extensible Kanister blueprints.
  • Moving an application runtime, configuration and data across namespaces, clusters, accounts, regions and clouds for easy app mobility and freedom of choice.

What’s more? We’ll be having a meet and greet with Kelsey Hightower, who will also be available to sign his O’Reilly book, “Kubernetes up and Running” in the afternoon on Thursday April 20th.

Read all about Kasten K10 at KubeCon + CloudNative and reserve your demo time spot here. And don’t forget the swag, which this year, is extra swaggy. While you wait, enter to win our our virtual raffle, and you could win awesome prizes like a Smartwatch, virtual reality goggles and more!



See you in Amsterdam!

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