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KubeCon + Cloud NativeCon North America 2021 is a wrap! If you followed our Tips blog for attending, you’ve come out the other side well-learned -- and maybe exhausted!

Whether attending in person or virtually, the conference’s agenda was clear: education. The rapid adoption of Kubernetes for managing containerized workloads and services has given rise to near endless possibilities with its portable, extensible, open-source platform. This dizzying array of choices necessitates education for all users, from newbies and learners to admins, all the way up to certified practitioners. With so much to see and hear it’s easy to get lost at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2021, so let’s reflect on the week.

Cloud Native Data Management (CNDM) Day

As an appetizer to the full convention, CNDM Day was a full afternoon of lively panel discussions with Kubernetes and cloud native data management practitioners from across the industry and globe. It’s community welcomes users, developers and vendors of cloud native storage, backup and other aspects of data management. Sponsors included Kasten by Veeam, MinIO, NetApp, Nutanix, Portworx, Scality, Ondat and VMware. The discussions covered the following topics:

  • Cloud Native Tech – From Pilot to Standardization – The Next Frontier of Containers
  • The New Stack: The Importance of Community in Cloud Native
  • A Perspective on Data and Platform in a Cloud Native World
  • All Things Data and Storage

Watch all the panel discussions on-demand.



Two major themes emerged from these informed discussions:

  • The highly valuable role of community: Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has championed inclusivity and diversity for cloud native practitioners since its inception. The importance of this cannot be overstated since, in the storage space, a technology mindset has never encompassed the entire globe with such fierce connectivity. The term “Global workforce” is particularly pertinent for cloud native devotees.  

  • The importance of overcoming objections to going cloud native: Akin to convincing an older generation to ditch a landline in favor of a smartphone, going cloud native and ditching monolithic applications is a noble but complex pursuit. When panel discussions opened the floor to questions, several audience members either shared stories of overcoming objections or queried advice on how to overcome them. Coincidentally, this theme was also pervasive at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2021.

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2021

The floor hummed with the sound of booth presenters, shouts of free swag to passersby and, most importantly, questions. As it’s been two years since San Diego, it’s understandable that attendees were eager to interact, absorb and learn. Kasten by Veeam’s booth obliged this request by featuring theater presentations every 15 minutes; with individuals from Kasten and our partners such as VMware, IBM Cloud, Nutanix, Cisco and AWS. 




The information buffet continued with hands-on labs delivered straight from the new free Kubernetes Training platform ( Interacting with learners and presenter viewers is where we discover the bulk of insight of what’s facing cloud native adopters.

While a series of blog posts could be devoted to the challenges faced by advocates of cloud native, we heard two common themes:

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Security and Data Protection

Like wayward travelers to a sacred temple, attendees sought guidance about how to navigate these thorny topics. It should be no surprise that Kasten, in prophetic anticipation, saw the coming tide and developed Kasten K10 with built-in features to combat these objections: Application Mobility and Ransomware Protection.

  • Application Mobility: The road to transition from legacy monolithic applications to independent connected containers is arduous. If you are the fledgling cloud native advocate moving at a glacial pace toward this bright future, the payoff will be worth the effort. You’ve made solid decisions, implemented Kubernetes and started deployments. Yet complexity remains, because there’s not an easy method to move applications from cloud providers to the on-prem applications that management insisted stay active for security concerns (see below). Now, you and your team’s role has intensified because you’re managing clusters manually on command lines. 

    : Kasten K10’s built-in application mobility provides a user-friendly interface that enables users to migrate applications between clouds or on-prem, essentially creating a space for users to manage their entire cluster system with ease. With Kasten K10, the end of the road to going cloud native is a relieved exhalation, not a complication. 

  • Ransomware Protection: Security is an ever-present topic on the mind of any IT professional. Practitioners of on-prem legacy hardware tote the benefits of a locked system being largely impervious to maleficence. To their credit, this is a mostly factual point, but to withhold the benefits of a cloud-connected world deprives everyone within the enterprise. But let’s say you, as a cloud native advocate, have made an enterprise-wide digital transformation and are running containerized applications. You’re aware of DevSecOps best practices but need to find peace of mind and demonstrable protection to management. 
    Solution: Kasten is fully aware of these concerns and has incorporated Ransomware Protection in its Kasten K10 V4.0 release (see demo here). The threat of ransomware just became dramatically less intimidating (read more from VP of Product, Gaurav Rishi).

Community Strong, with Top-Shelf Technology 

While we’ve only scratched the surface of everything experienced at CNDM Day and KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2021, the immense value of education is obvious. Kasten is a community partner walking in tandem through the fog of your cloud native journey, with the goal of making it easier. Every major or minor version release is a testament to that dedication. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2021 showed that a strong community bands together to learn, grow and laugh. The strength in cloud native is top-shelf technology but, most of all, its people.   

See you as the journey continues at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022.


For a 3.5 minute recap of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2021 check out our video:


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