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With VeeamOn in Miami, Red Hat Summit in Boston, and the announcement of Kasten K10 V6.0, there’s been a lot of new and exciting information to consume lately around the innovative ways Veeam technology delivers world-class protection and management capabilities for data anywhere.


As a first-time sponsor at Red Hat Summit this year, the team from Kasten by Veeam was there to listen, learn, and tell our story. Protecting Kubernetes application data matters, and Kasten K10 simplifies backup & disaster recovery while unifying the management of container data and microservices across any Kubernetes environment. We heard a lot from customers about what it takes to run Kubernetes in production, as well as others who were getting ready to make the leap to running business critical applications with containers. Here’s what they had to say, and a few takeaways from the event:

An Enterprise Kubernetes Platform Requires Enterprise Data Protection

What we heard from Red Hat partners and customers is that organizations across a range of vertical markets are realizing the importance of enterprise Kubernetes native data protection. As more stateful and mission critical apps move to containers, DevOps teams are recognizing that open source tools require significant resources for development and lack useful features out-of-the-box. Meanwhile, other vendors in the market simply do not have the capabilities required to scale production nodes and clusters up and down as a business requires, or the ability to seamlessly migrate applications across environments, distributions and cloud providers.

The Red Hat & Kasten by Veeam partnership enables customers to seamlessly integrate data protection as part of application development and deployment on OpenShift.

Flexibility & Operational Consistency is Critical

Customers are looking for solutions and technologies integrated with Kubernetes that can help them better manage costs while supporting diverse workloads across hybrid environments. In some cases, they are even looking to support cloud repatriation to move applications from the public cloud back to the data center. In both scenarios, Kasten K10 adds value through operational consistency by enabling teams to seamlessly control test/dev in one environment (public cloud) and deploy to production in another (on-prem). In addition, organizations can define and easily backup & restore data anywhere across availability zones, regions, and nodes where Kubernetes is part of an IT infrastructure.

Since Kasten K10 is a fully agnostic data protection platform, it’s simple to develop disaster recovery (DR) strategies and run intelligent policies across a diverse Kubernetes landscape. For those considering OpenShift for Kubernetes orchestration, Kasten K10 simplifies the process of migrating applications from traditional infrastructure (or other Kubernetes distributions) to hybrid and cloud native compute environments. For existing OpenShift users, the same complexity can be mitigated to help update to more recent versions of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Collaborative Ecosystems Solving Cloud Native Challenges

Part of the gravitas of OpenShift is based on how Red Hat is continually pushing its own innovation to simplify the adoption of agile cloud native technologies. In part, this has been done through collaboratively expanding its ecosystem of validated cloud native partners, including Kasten by Veeam, that are included in the Operator Hub. This combination of continuous advancement with complimentary technologies helps make it more attainable for organizations to develop, deploy, manage, scale and protect modern applications and microservices born in and of the cloud.

Like Red Hat, Kasten has a growing ecosystem of validated partner technologies including public cloud providers, Kubernetes distributions, storage/database vendors and more. In addition to being a certified OpenShift operator, Kasten K10 is validated and integrated with OpenShift Virtualization (KubeVirt), OpenShift Cloud Services (ROSA & ARO) and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security (ACS).

Elasticity matters when it comes to building a modern application stack, and organizations appreciate the ability to work with vendor agnostic technologies that give them the freedom to analyze and select complimentary technologies for their infrastructure and Kubernetes deployments. 


Red Hat and Kasten Deliver Peace of Mind

The partnership between Red Hat and Kasten brings together extensive cloud native expertise and product integration. For OpenShift users, that means a simple and effective way to easily backup and recover Kubernetes data, while allowing container applications on traditional infrastructure or VMs to move to more agile cloud environments and back again—wherever Kubernetes is running.

Together, Red Hat and Kasten deliver data protection peace of mind for organizations around the globe and across a range of enterprises, vertical markets, and the public sector. Customers like Zenseact and Sopra Steria rely on OpenShift for container orchestration, and Kasten K10 to backup, recover, and ensure greater control of their Kubernetes application data.

Above all, our time at Red Hat Summit showed us the growing interest and enthusiasm organizations have in adopting OpenShift and the partner ecosystem technologies that support it. As the number of Kubernetes deployments in production continues to increase, Kasten is doing its part to ease the challenges associated with successfully constructing, sustaining and scaling a reliable, secure technology stack for Kubernetes applications.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team today, or get started with all the proven features of Kasten K10 for OpenShift on the Red Hat Marketplace.

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