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As we get close to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, the Kasten by Veeam team is simmering with excitement to show you all the capabilities that are empowering organizations across the world to protect their Kubernetes applications. Kasten K10, the reigning champion of Kubernetes Data Protection, has once again taken the cake in the latest GigaOm Radar – as the only leader and outperformer for the third year running. But don't just take our or the analysts’ word for it - our triple-digit YoY growth speaks for itself in terms of global customer adoption and momentum as we accelerate into 2023.

Hungry for more? Kasten is serving up an unforgettable feast of tech innovations, complete with some surprise guests, delectable swag, and the chance to mingle with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry. And let's not forget the pièce de résistance - the chance to be at the best party in Amsterdam along with our innovative partners.

But for those of you who can't wait to sink your teeth into Kasten's offerings, here's a tantalizing appetizer to whet your appetite - and yes, no more food analogies till I meet you in person!

Let me outline three key themes you will witness that highlight Kasten’s role as the last line of defense in today's environment of growing cyber threats and disasters recovery imperatives while ensuring freedom of choice to maximize efficiency.


Security Everywhere

 Our customers face the ever-increasing threat of malicious actors, and security is more crucial now than ever before – from development to deployment. Early in the software development lifecycle, organizations should consider data protection policies, instead of as a post-production afterthought. Kasten K10 enables you to leverage policy-as-code principles for enforcing operational best practices (for example, RPO objectives), denying deployments with misconfigurations (immutability not enabled), and modifying policies automatically to meet compliance requirements (such as setting a 6-year retention period per HIPAA regulations). This process begins before applications are put into production.

With resilient and immutable backups, Kasten K10 ensures that your data remains secure and your business stays running. But that's not all - Kasten K10 also boasts a powerful and Kubernetes-native Role Based Access Control (RBAC) system that reduces the risk of over-permissioning, making it easier than ever to manage user roles and actions with its simple and intuitive interface.

Partnering with some of the leading security providers in the industry, Kasten is taking an innovative approach to not only surface actionable information when you need it most but also bake in the data protection policies upfront so that your applications start off with a secure foundation.

Let’s take an example - working seamlessly with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security (ACS) in a Kubernetes-native environment, Security Operations teams can better understand the security posture of your Kasten K10 environments, and identify suspicious actions, reducing the risk of exposure. And it’s not just about visibility - with integration between Kasten K10 and AWS Secrets Manager, you can ensure the secret used for disaster recovery remains encrypted and can be restored at a moment’s notice, to keep your business running smoothly. As another example, you can also automate the Kasten K10 policy creation with Kyverno so that applications can be protected with an appropriate policy preset upfront at the time of deployment.


Reliable Backup and Easy Recovery

Kasten K10 is synonymous with reliable backup and timely restore of your Kubernetes applications. With customizable backup policies that enable automation of data management workflows, you can effortlessly combine actions such as snapshots; and set the frequency of those actions. By associating these policies with applications, you can take a hands-off approach to automate backups, disaster recovery, and application mobility.

Kasten has taken data protection a step further with intelligent policies that allow you to define backup windows and automate the sequencing of underlying backup jobs. This results in significant savings on storage costs (avoid those pesky overage charges), helping you overcome infrastructure bottlenecks and benefit from seamless automation of data protection tasks at scale in distributed Kubernetes deployments.

“That's all good,” you say, “but what if I have complex cloud native apps composed of multiple databases and require application consistent snapshots?"

Kasten K10 has you covered with its unique application-specific approach that supports logical data services backup and recovery solutions using extensible Kanister blueprints. Not only can Kasten K10 protect your choice of databases, it also supports multiple deployment patterns such as DBaaS like Amazon RDS or PostgreSQL running in your Kubernetes cluster. With Kasten K10's application fingerprinting, automation is taken to the next level by dynamically applying blueprints to all applications that match a certain pattern.

Whether it's a blueprint created to protect PostgreSQL or another database, Kasten K10 can automatically bind that blueprint for all applications that use it, providing a level of protection consistency that scales with your organization's needs.


Freedom of Choice

Kubernetes came with the goal of application portability. Kasten K10 provides the ability to move an application runtime, configuration and data across namespaces, clusters, accounts, regions and clouds. This enables a variety of critical use cases, including the topical use case of Disaster Recovery (DR). Additionally, Kasten K10 was designed from the ground-up so that you always have the choice of choosing the most appropriate mix of infrastructure vendors, Kubernetes distributions and deployment architectures.

With the widest set of ecosystem partners in the industry and deep technical integrations, Kasten K10 helps multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud customers avoid vendor lock-in and optimize costs. Additionally, Kasten is innovating alongside our partners such as Red Hat. Kasten K10 support for VM workloads in OpenShift environments enables enterprises to fast-track their digital transformation initiatives by bringing applications that were not developed with cloud native constructs onto OpenShift as VMs.


See for Yourself

Witness the innovative capabilities of Kasten K10 - such as transform sets, which enable the seamless restoration and migration of applications across environments -- at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe. Instead of relying on laborious scripting, transformations are applied at restore time to modify Kubernetes metadata, including networking configuration, deployment replicas, and storage classes.

Transform sets empower organizations to create a custom library of chained transforms that can be saved and reused for efficient operations and consistent results. In the video below, we demonstrate the disaster recovery of an on-premises application operating in an upstream Kubernetes environment, migrated to the AWS cloud in an EKS environment, all while leveraging transform sets to maintain freedom of choice - at scale.


This was just a sampling, and we hope that you can meet us at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU EU and attend our party!


If you cannot make it to Amsterdam, here are a few more options: VeeamOn 2023 in Miami, Red Hat Summit in Boston. You can also Try the full-featured and FREE edition of Kasten K10 today with this super-quick install in less than 10 minutes.

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