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Kasten by Veeam is a launch partner for Amazon EKS Anywhere, providing Kubernetes backup, DR and application mobility across hybrid Kubernetes environments.

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For many organizations, the promise of the hybrid cloud is the ability to develop and run applications on-premises as well as in the public cloud, and seamlessly move data and applications between what are largely different operating environments, storage, compute infrastructure and networks. The harsh reality in many hybrid-Kubernetes environments is that it’s a struggle to maintain the proper support across the many different components that make up multiple different operating stacks. Fragmented Kubernetes distributions with different capabilities, licensing models and support organizations are just some of the challenges of maintaining a fully hybrid approach.

Fortunately, AWS brings the power of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) to your own private infrastructure with Amazon EKS Anywhere, extending the consistent AWS-native tools, monitoring, licensing and deployment models to make going hybrid as seamless as possible. With Amazon EKS-Anywhere in fully connected mode, you have a single, consistent dashboard in your AWS console for connecting, visualizing, and troubleshooting Kubernetes clusters and applications running on-prem or AWS-managed infrastructure.

However, there’s still the challenge of consistency in data protection across divergent infrastructure. What about when you’re ready to migrate those applications from on-prem to the cloud, or protect a full cluster in the event of a disaster?


Enabling Consistent Data Protection, Disaster Recovery and Application Mobility Anywhere

The realities of providing consistent data management across hybrid Kubernetes environments has for too long held back many organizations from fully realizing the possibilities and promise of Kubernetes. Kasten by Veeam is excited to be a launch partner of Amazon EKS-Anywhere. We provide the consistent data management layer to your hybrid EKS cluster data, while delivering a leading solution that covers the three main gaps in full data availability across multisite environments: backup and recovery, full cluster disaster recovery (DR) and application mobility. Often, these three pillars of data availability are the last line of defense against increasingly sophisticated and determined threat actors.


Simple, Reliable, AWS integrated Backup and Recovery

Purpose-built for Kubernetes, Kasten K10 by Veeam can be seamlessly deployed in minutes within Amazon EKS or Amazon EKS Anywhere. The solution’s application-centric approach and deep integrations with the most popular relational and NoSQL databases and storage systems provide backup/restore of your entire Kubernetes application. In addition, the solution provides integrations with several AWS services, such as Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS and IAM, for exceptional operational simplicity.

image005Complete Ransomware Protection with S3 Object Lock Integrations

The rapid rise of data moving into Kubernetes clusters caught the attention of those seeking to exploit what is perceived to be a new and emerging space, namely ransomware makers and hackers. Together, Kasten K10 and AWS can help you avoid having to regrettably pay a ransom on your data again. A common Amazon S3 target can be used as reliable target storage for all on-prem and cloud-native EKS backups. Now, with use of Amazon S3 object-lock technology, Kasten K10 delivers the industry’s first Kubernetes data protection solution that can guarantee data availability against ransomware and insider-threats.

Application Mobility and DR from EKS Anywhere to EKS

Moving applications across EKS clusters on-premises, on cloud infrastructure and across AWS regions is an extremely powerful capability made easy by Kasten K10. The solution supports a variety of use cases, including Test/Dev, performance and scalability testing, and even full cluster DR.

Kasten K10 enables policy-driven, full-application exports, enabling application migrations and mobility across Amazon EKS-A/Amazon EKS clusters, AWS accounts and AWS regions. Application transforms are Kasten K10’s secret power, making applications function when moving from an on-premises storage into Amazon EBS and adjusting for networking changes, such different ingress or load balancing controllers, as well.





Enabling Kasten K10 DR provides piece of mind for underlying infrastructure failure when running an Amazon EKS Anywhere cluster on-premises, accidental deletion, or external attack on Kasten K10 itself, with AES-256-GCM encryption and object lock on Amazon S3. Recovering your environment from a disaster is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Create a Kubernetes Secret, k10-dr-secret, using the passphrase provided while enabling DR.
  2. Install a fresh Kasten K10 instance in the same namespace as the Secret.
  3. Provide bucket information and credentials for the object storage location or the NFS file storage location where previous Kasten K10 backups are stored.
  4. Restore the Kasten K10 backup.
  5. Restore cluster scoped resource recovery from Kasten K10.
  6. Restore application from Kasten K10.


Copy data management for Amazon EKS and Amazon EKS Anywhere is easy, fast, reliable, and integrated with Kasten K10, enabling Kubernetes-native application backup and recovery, application mobility, and cluster DR wherever you decide your Amazon EKS clusters should run -- on-premises or in the cloud.

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