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Two Ways to Try Kasten K10

Free Kubernetes Backup


1. Hands-on Lab

Try Kubernetes Backup Hands-on Lab:

Get Free Quick Start Kubernetes Book
No Downloads. No Configurations.
Deploy & Protect Cloud Native Apps 

  • Deploy a data service (MySQL)
  • Backup your application
  • Restore from backup

Kasten K10 Lab

(25 minutes + Free Quick Start Kubernetes eBook)

2. FREE Kasten K10

Choose Your Environment Cloud/On Prem:

Award-winning Kubernetes native backup, migration, disaster recovery, and application mobility. Download Free Kasten K10 and get 10 nodes free forever.

  • Protect Apps
  • Automate Backup & Restore
  • Monitor Compliance


Free Kasten K10

Kubernetes Korner

We have created an open community forum where we can discuss all things Kubernetes, Data Management, Kasten and DevOps topics in one place where anyone can contribute, learn, or share.

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