Kubernetes Backup
and Mobility on AWS

Modernize data protection with Kasten K10. Seamless backup and disaster recovery on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D) as well as other Kubernetes distributions like Red Hat Openshift on AWS.


The Kasten K10 platform provides us with a simple and scalable solution that delivers the best data management capabilities for our AWS workloads.

Thierry Luc, CTO at Sopra Steria


Kasten K10 BY VEEAM NATIVELY SUPPORTS AWS SERVICES INCLUDING AMAZON EKS to provide multi-layered backup and recovery without any need to modify Your cloud-native applications. KASTEN K10 IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON AWS MARKETPLACE.

Key Highlights

Kasten on AWS Marketplace
Simplified install of Kasten K10 by Veeam available on AWS Marketplace. Flexible trial and procurement options including a fully featured free edition, pay-as-you-go metered, term length, and portable BYO licenses.
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Rich Backup/Restore Policies
Policies are used to automate your data management workflows. To achieve this, policies combine actions you want to take (e.g., snapshot), a frequency or schedule for how often you want to take that action, and a label-based selection criteria for the resources you want to manage. By associating applications with policies, you can achieve a hands-off approach to scaling the operational workflow for your backup and application mobility needs.
Database Integrations (e.g., RDS)
Extensible and pre-qualified integrations with leading data sources including Relational and NoSQL systems. This enables backup and recovery operations at a logical database level in addition to storage level protection and consistency. Additionally, new databases and database-specific workflows can be independently authored without requiring changes to the underlying application or Kasten K10.
Automatic Application Discovery
Application as Operational Unit
This approach balances the needs of operations and development teams in cloud native environments. Given the application focus of not just these groups but also the Kubernetes design philosophy, Kasten’s data management solution works with an entire application and not just the infrastructure or storage layers. This allows your operations team to scale by ensuring business policy compliance at the application level instead of having to think about the hundreds of components that make up a modern app. At the same time, working with the application gives your developers power and control when needed without slowing them down.
Security and Automation
Kasten K10 provides robust cloud-native data protection capabilities including everything from global visibility, monitoring, alerting, and auditing, to features such as compliance, RBAC, and deep data service integration. K10 is natively integrated with AWS and can even assume an IAM Role in AWS infrastructure operations for enhanced security. These capabilities have been battle-tested to work at scale, not just across diverse environments, but also with PBs of data to optimize and deduplicate. Policy-driven automation capabilities let you set up custom and default policies to meet both your container storage and data management needs. The policies provide automated enforcement to help meet your SLA’s across thousands of applications.