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Red Hat OpenShift and Kasten K10

Protection and mobility for OpenShift Kubernetes

As more mission critical workloads move to hybrid compute environments, your organization will benefit from the integrations between Kasten K10 & OpenShift that provide flexible, reliable, enterprise ready backup, disaster recovery and mobility for Kubernetes application data—wherever OpenShift runs.


“Data protection and backup is a necessity for managing Kubernetes applications at scale across the hybrid cloud. We are pleased to collaborate with Kasten by Veeam so organizations across the globe can use Kasten K10 data management platform with Red Hat OpenShift to rollout, upgrade, and protect their cloud-native applications.”

-- Joe Fernandes, VP and GM, Core Cloud Platforms at Red Hat


“As the number of containers running in production continues to increase, organizations need security and data protection capabilities that are able to scale with their deployments. Through our collaboration with Kasten by Veeam, we are providing customers with additional flexibility and choice in how they protect their Kubernetes workloads.”

-- Kirsten Newcomer, Director, Cloud and DevSecOps Strategy, Red Hat


Solution Brief

Data Protection for OpenShift with Kasten K10


Solution Brief

Protecting Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA)


Solution Brief

Secure Data on OpenShift Platform Plus


Solution Brief

Kasten Supports Upgrades to OpenShift 4

Key Highlights


Application Mobility

K10 provides the ability to move an application across namespaces, clusters, accounts, regions and clouds. This enables a variety of use cases including Disaster Recovery (DR), Test/Dev with realistic data sets, and performance testing in isolated environments.

Application as Operational Unit

This approach balances the needs of operations and development teams in cloud native environments. Given the application focus of not just these groups but also the Kubernetes design philosophy, Kasten’s data management solution works with an entire application and not just the infrastructure or storage layers. This allows your operations team to scale by ensuring business policy compliance at the application level instead of having to think about the hundreds of components that make up a modern app. At the same time, working with the application gives your developers power and control when needed without slowing them down.

Security and Automation

A production-ready data management solution needs to deliver robust operations-specific features, including everything from global visibility, monitoring, alerting, and auditing, to features such as compliance, RBAC, and deep data service integration. Further, it means having these features work at scale, not just across diverse environments, but also with PBs of data to optimize and deduplicate. Policy-driven automation capabilities let you set up custom and default policies to meet both your container storage and data management needs. The policies provide automated enforcement to help meet your SLA’s across thousands of applications.

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