Veeam and Kasten: Strategic Partnership for Kubernetes Backup and Mobility

Veeam and Kasten have partnered to address the container-native data protection needs for enterprises. This partnership spans sales, marketing, and technology so enterprises can continue to depend on the leaders in ensuring business continuity and freedom of choice.

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“By partnering together, Veeam and Kasten seek to offer customers a simple, complete solution for protecting and managing data across cloud, physical, virtual and now Kubernetes-based workloads, addressing a growing need for enterprises.”

– Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC

New strategic partnership for Kubernetes-native data management
A simple and secure solution to get you up and protected in just a few minutes.

• Backup
• Application mobility
• Disaster recovery
Veeam and Kasten
Check out our partnership announcement and discover why we are excited about collaborating.
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"We are excited to see Veeam and Kasten partnering today to deliver the leading Kubernetes-native backup solution.
Knowing that we have the right backup and disaster recovery infrastructure in place for both virtualized and cloud-native environments will allow our teams to move faster and with confidence.” - Markus Kretzer, Head of IT, Buhl Data Service


Key Highlights

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Freedom of Choice
With extensive support for ecosystem components across the entire application stack, supports user choice to pick the best tools or infrastructure for the job. This includes a wide choice of storage infrastructure, Kubernetes distributions, SQL/NoSQL databases to provide complete application protection.
Simple and flexible deployment architecture
Simple and Flexible Deployment
Get up and protected in a few minutes with a single command installation across on-premises and public clouds. K10 runs on your Kubernetes cluster in its own namespace keeping you in complete control of your data. For private networks and sites, air-gapped installation is supported. Natively integrated into Kubernetes to automatically discover all the application components running on your cluster and treating the application as the unit of atomicity.
Security and Automation
A production-ready data management solution needs to deliver robust operations-specific features, including everything from global visibility, monitoring, alerting, and auditing, to features such as compliance, RBAC, and deep data service integration. Further, it means having these features work at scale, not just across diverse environments, but also with PBs of data to optimize and deduplicate. Policy-driven automation capabilities let you set up custom and default policies to meet both your container storage and data management needs. The policies provide automated enforcement to help meet your SLA’s across thousands of applications.