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Auto-Application Discovery
Once deployed, K10 automatically scans the environment and discovers all applications and associated artifacts that may require protection. Its on-going scanning allows you to stay on top of changes in your environment.
Policy-Driven Automation
K10 lets you set up custom and default policies to meet your data management needs. The policies provide automated enforcement to help meet your SLA’s.
Compliance Monitoring
In-built compliance monitoring let’s you know the up-to-date protection status of all your applications making it easy to determine if any corrective action is required.

Software-Only Solution Deployed Securely in Your Kubernetes Cluster

Software-Only Solution
  • K10 Runs on Your Cluster in its Own Namespace
  • You Manage Role Permissions Your Way
  • You Retain Control of and Access to Your Data
Built for Kubernetes
K10, constructed using cloud-native architectural principles, follows a desired-state model, providing you declarative control.
Easy to use
K10 is quick to deploy and easy to use via a state-of-the-art management interface or a cloud-native API. It has the versatility to accommodate complex applications easily.
End-to-end security
K10 provides comprehensive end-to-end security via enterprise-grade encryption, IAM roles, RBAC, OpenID Connect, and more!
Rich ecosystem
K10, with extensive support for ecosystem components across the entire application stack, supports user choice to pick the best tools or infrastructure for the job.

Operate Your Modern Software Stack
With Complete Freedom

Modern Software Stack
Data Services Pre-qualified integrations with leading data sources including Relational and NoSQL systems
Kubernetes Distributions Support for all major cloud-based managed Kubernetes offerings and all leading on-prem distributions
Storage Infrastructure Support for storage via Container-Storage Interface (CSI) as well as direct storage integrations for efficiency

Key Capabilities

Single Command Install Cmd
Single command/click installation
K10 runs on your Kubernetes cluster in its own namespace. The installation uses a single helm command. K10 also supports marketplace integrations with major Kubernetes distributions to make installation and billing a simple click of a button. For private networks and sites air-gapped installation is supported.
Intuitive Management Interface
Intuitive Management Interface
A modern, intuitive graphical dashboard not only gives you an overview of the compliance status of your applications but also lets you easily control the data management functions. The capabilities and functions available are based on the login credentials and there is an easy way to switch between using the graphical interface and kubectl with reusable CLI breadcrumbs. And, of course, there is support for dark mode too!
Automatic Application Discovery
Automatic Application Discovery
K10 is natively integrated into Kubernetes to automatically discover all the application components running on your cluster and treating the application as the unit of atomicity. The application includes the state that spans across storage volumes, databases (NoSQL/Relational) as well as configuration data included in Kubernetes objects such as configmaps and secrets.
Rich Backup Policies
Rich Backup Policies
Policies are used to automate your data management workflows. To achieve this, policies combine actions you want to take (e.g., snapshot), a frequency or schedule for how often you want to take that action, and a label-based selection criteria for the resources you want to manage. By associating applications with policies, you can achieve a hands-off approach to scaling the operational workflow for your backup and application mobility needs.
Integrated Security
Integrated Security
We know security is top of mind for you and it definitely is for us! K10 supports user authentication mechanisms such as OIDC, Token, etc. and Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Backed up data is encrypted both at rest and in motion while giving you the ability to bring your own encryption keys. K10 runs with a minimal footprint on your cluster and you can assign fine tuned access control permissions to K10 itself.
Granular Restores
Granular Restores
K10 allows you to restore the application components you want and where you want them. An application can be cloned into the same or into a new namespace. You can also decide to restore only an application subset such as the data volume. The flexible approach makes restoring simple and powerful by also allowing you to select the appropriate point of time copy of the application.
Application Mobility
Application Mobility
K10 provides the ability to move an application across namespaces, clusters, accounts, regions and clouds. This enables a variety of use cases including Disaster Recovery (DR), Test/Dev with realistic data sets, and performance testing in isolated environments.

K10 Editions

Starter Enterprise Trial Enterprise
Price Free (Install) Free Subscription-based
License Duration Perpetual 30 days Subscription-based
Minimum Nodes No limit 201 No limit
Maximum Nodes 10 (50 for first 30 days) 500 No limit
What You Get:
     Data Protection Assessment -
     Kasten Assisted Deployment -
     Customer Support Best Effort (30 days)
Use Cases:
     Backup and Restore
     Disaster Recovery
     Application Mobility
Kubernetes Distributions

Support for all leading Kubernetes distributions including AKS, EKS, GKE, Rancher, VMware PKS, etc.


Support for wide range of storage targets including public cloud storage (AWS S3, Azure blob, etc.), on-premise storage (Pure, NetApp, etc.), and CSI-compatible storage.

Public Cloud Operation

Support for all leading public clouds including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc.

On-prem Operation

Support for VSphere, bare metal, OpenStack, etc.

Enterprise Security

Support for authentication (OIDC and token), access controls (RBAC, IAM, IAM assumed roles), end-to-end encryption, air-gapped operation, etc.

Data Features

Including volume snapshots, durable backups, change block tracking, dedup & compression, app consistent backups, logical DB capture, etc.

Metadata Features

Including auto app discovery, full spec capture, spec transforms, global resource capture, include/exclude filters, infrastructure portability, global catalog, query API, etc.

Backup, DR, Mobility Features

Including policy-based operations, manual actions, GFS retention, independent schedules, application cloning, application hooks, blueprint extensibility, etc.

Operations Support Features

Including enterprise dashboard, API-first design, logging integration, monitoring, alerting, DR and HA

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1. Enterprise Trial Edition: must be deployed on 20 nodes within 30 days. Enterprise Trial edition license expires at 30 days and can be converted to Enterprise edition license by entering into a subscription arrangement.
2. Starter Edition: license can be converted to Enterprise edition license by entering into a subscription arrangement.