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Kubernetes Ransomware Protection

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Kasten K10 Ransomware Protection Solution


Early Threat Detection

Raise an early flag on potentially malicious activity or imminent attacks.



Encrypted & Immutable Backups

Always have a safe and consistent copy of your application & data.



Accelerated Recovery

Quick and secure restores minimize business downtime due to attacks.

Kubernetes Ransomware Protection Fundamentals


Consistent Guardrails

Kasten K10 empowers DevOps and data management professionals to apply consistent rules to all roles and layers in a Kubernetes production environment. This inhibits cybercriminals from establishing a foothold in critical systems.



Ransomware Monitoring

Kasten K10 is designed to make it easy to view the security status of an entire deployed Kubernetes data protection platform. This proactive approach effectively nullifies any potential leverage that ransomware attackers might seek gain over Kubernetes operations.




Clean & Clear Backup Management

Empowering both DevOps and deployment teams, regardless of whether they operate on premises, in public or private clouds, or in hybrid deployments, with comprehensive control over secured backups and information. This allows for effortless re-deployment onto a secured platform or a seamless migration to alternate environments.

Disaster Recovery: a new and complex challenge; critical Kubernetes requirements


DR for a Modern Application

  • A microservices architecture has many pods, data sources, and deployment variations that are not defined by hardware volumes. 
  • With backups encrypted and stored in offline and offsite locations, chances are improved that cybercriminals cannot impair the resilience of a protected Kubernetes application. 
  • In the case of polyglot data, each of the data sources for an application (including configuration, persistent and temporary data) does not reside in the same physical or virtual space as the application.

Critical K8s Backup Requirements

  • Components can be returned to service in test or production environments, and from among clones, encrypted data, and immutable backups.  
  •  If a full application restoration is needed, an ideal Kubernetes backup management solution provides an application Blueprint to sequentially restore an application to service and minimize impact to SLAs. 
  •  Relaunch of operations can be performed directly on an existing virtual platform, or it can be mobilized to an alternative platform, for example, on-premises, public or private cloud, or a hybrid environment. 

Ransomware Protection Use Case Scenario Detail


Data Protection

Kasten K10 empowers users by facilitating the seamless creation and scheduling of routine backups for applications and their associated persistent volumes. Backups are insulated from primary storage and can be used to restore operations in the case of inadvertent or deliberate data loss or file corruption.


Point-in-Time Recovery

Kasten K10 allows users to recover their data from specific points in time, which can be helpful when rolling back to a known state of operation is necessary. Point-in-time recovery is particularly important for restoring services in a disaster recovery scenario, such as a ransomware attack.


Isolation from Ransomware

Kasten K10 isolates production and backup environments from production to ensure operations can be restored from a clean and reliable backup in the event of an incident. Key information such as configuration data and credentialled information can be secured to address a specific data restore scenario.


Application Mobility

Kasten K10’s capabilities extend to application mobility, which enables graceful migration of an application and its data across Kubernetes clusters, including to a separate production resource. If a previously live platform is compromised, teams can swiftly restore the most recent and secured backup.


Key Challenges

  • Limited Kubernetes ecosystem. Companies that are slow to adopt emerging Kubernetes ecosystem support run the high risk of encumbering their production effort with high overhead.

Kasten K10 Kubernetes Data Protection Solution

Kasten by Veeam® is the leader in Kubernetes backup. Kasten K10 is a Kubernetes native data protection platform for Day 2 (live) operations. It provides enterprise DevOps teams with backup and restore, disaster recovery, and application mobility for Kubernetes applications. Kasten K10 features operational simplicity and integrates with relational and NoSQL databases, as well as all major Kubernetes distributions, and runs in any cloud to maximize freedom of choice. Our customers’ applications and data are protected and available with the most easy-to-use, reliable, and powerful cloud native backup management platform in the industry.

Kasten K10-Backup-Restore

Backup and Restore

  • Application misconfiguration
  • Accidental data loss
  • Standby clusters
  • Compliance
Kasten K10-Disaster-Recovery

Disaster Recovery

  • Ransomware attack
  • Malicious data loss
  • Unintentional failures
  • Infrastructure or HW failure
Kasten K10-App-Mobility

Application Mobility 

  • Cross cloud portability
  • Multi-cloud balancing
  • Cluster upgrade testing
  • Data management


Kasten K10-Ransomware Protection-icon from Veeam

Ransomware Protection

  • Data protection
  • Isolation from ransomware
  • Point-in-time recovery
  • Application mobility

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