K10 in Action

High-Fidelity Test/Dev Copies

What K10 does
Enable self-service access to known-good copies of production applications that can be used for development, end-to-end, and performance testing. No need to rely on synthetic datasets that produce inconsistent results.

CI/CD Copy Automation

What K10 does
Integrate copies of production data as part of your CI/CD pipeline. Automated workflows ensure that tests run against realistic data sets to catch potential production issues early.

Data Masking and Sampling

What K10 does
Stay in compliance when cloning production applications to test/dev environments by taking advantage of a robust workflow that allows you to make sure that sensitive data is properly de-identified or downsampled.

Key Features

Complete application cloning

Clone an entire application stack including resource definitions, configuration, and underlying data.

Reliable automated workflows

Clone applications with robust scheduled and on-demand workflows and monitor execution.

API-driven operations

Integrate cloning operations in your CI/CD pipeline using the K10 APIs. Enable test execution with real data sets.


Application-specific cloning

EWhen volume-level cloning is not sufficient, extend the workflow with a Kanister blueprint to enable application-specific cloning operations.


Compliance triggers

Take advantage of workflow triggers that allow embedding data masking or data transformation logic as part of the cloning process.

Role-based actions and self-service

Use Kubernetes roles to delegate data management privileges to application operators. Enable self-service application cloning operations.