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Modern software is built on open source projects, and the success of any open source project hinges on its community members and their contributions. The question is, how do you create communities with active and engaged contributors to ensure open source projects benefit from their innovative thinking?

This question will be a key topic of discussion at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2022, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference happening May 16-20 in Valencia, Spain, where adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities will gather to hear in-person and online content, as well as connect, learn, and collaborate with each other. But outside of this event, do developers collaborate and contribute as much as they want to? Well, a recent study found that 84% of developers surveyed said they consider themselves active contributors to open source projects. 

KubeCon Keynote scheduleAt Kasten by Veeam, we’re working hard to build an open source community whose members contribute often and in meaningful ways to our open source cloud native projects. These include projects like Kubestr, a collection of tools that helps teams discover, validate and evaluate Kubernetes storage options, and Kanister, which enables domain experts to capture application-specific data management tasks, such as Backup and Disaster Recovery, in blueprints that they can share and extend. We’ve been successful at encouraging developers to contribute, and at KubeCon + CNC, I will take the stage to share my journey as a new member of the cloud native development community. 

Prior to joining Kasten, I worked in the automotive embedded systems industry as a software engineer, where I led a team that launched new surround view camera systems in the latest car fleets. In this role, I worked on various driver assistant and autonomous driving technologies. While at Bosch, I gathered extensive experience as a trainer, leading numerous courses on autonomous driving technologies, and presented semi-annually to teams on various technologies and projects. 

During the keynote, I will offer insights on how Kasten is building an open source community, including the benefits and challenges that come with creating a contributing culture in an organization. I hope you join us on Wednesday, May 18 at 10:15 CEST, to listen and walk away with some valuable tips and advice. 

Register for KubeCon today. You can also learn more about Kasten’s open source projects, and how you can get involved on our Github page. 


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